Wednesday, September 23, 2009

well he's gone again.

Collin likes to keep himself busy. This week (wed - sat) Collin will be attending the Black MBA Conference. We looked into it and you don't really need to be black to go, you know being that Collin is the furthest a man can get from being called "black".
It is in New Orleans this year, so he and 3 other guys are packing in a car and driving. He has two interviews lined up for when he gets there, one of which is with Ford. So we are hoping this is the beginning of many interviews.

At this moment, not that I am bitter or anything, I would like to point out that all though it isn't technically a "vacation" he will be going to New Orleans (somewhere I have never been) and seeing a few sites and has already planned out his eating arrangements. This also isn't Collin's first not a vacation trip, here I will list a few just off the top of my head.

Back packing in the Uintah's for a back packing class at the U.
EIGHT weeks yes that is EIGHT WEEKS in China for a study abroad. (worst eight weeks of MY life some of the best eight weeks of his)
when we still lived in SLC he went to Columbia for a scholarship competition when the trip got extended a few days so he could stay at a beach house in myrtle beach.
two weeks in Mexico for a "language study"

yeah defiantly not bitter.
But I am getting a little anxious to go on my own not a vacation trip, because they are starting to sound like a little more fun then making mac n' cheese and cleaning up poop.

Love you babe, good luck on your interviews and you had better get a good job because you owe me.


Anna said...

um... i don't think he just owes you. I think he OWES you BIG. like massages, babysitting and lots of alone time..punk. :)

Mary Lou said...

Thanks for being so supportive Michelle - it is sometimes just not fair to be the one staying at home with the kids. I learned that I would rather have that responsibility though and not the worry of supporting a family. You're an awesome mom and a great wife - we love you!

Cindy said...

I hear you Michelle. Dave goes on a lot of little "getaways" as well. But I ditto what MaryLou says, and would never want to trade places with him. Plus, they are usually extra nice upon return, and he knows I get free reign on shopping or going wherever I want, no questions asked. :)

Suz said...

I totally sympathize with you- you just have to find something fun to do while he is away- such as watching chick flicks he would never watch- getting take out from places he hates to eat at- and of course enjoying the fact that you have complete control over the TV :)
Hopefully the interviews go well- keep us posted!

Collin said...

Anybody here ever been to New Orleans. It's pretty much the butthole of America. We saw a pack of wild dogs roaming the streets. At least the hotel we are in is nice, but this city is definitely rough.

red said...

Definitely owes you! Sounds like you need to figure out how to make other people pay your way on a "not vacation." he's got a pretty good system there. Hey it's too bad D didn't get to go then she could have barfed all over Collin instead.