Sunday, October 25, 2009

80's hair

We were on our way to go pumpkin picking and my hair elastic broke. It just BROKE on me I wasn't messing with it I wasn't playing with it. I was sitting politely in my seat when it just popped! Cool, Unleash the 80's hair. I probably lost about 25% of my hair when I got pregnant with Delilah but I still have a butt load of it and it was untamed on this day and really needed an elastic. I searched the car and couldn't find one and Collin was unwilling to give me his hat so I rocked my big 80's hair. It slowly started expanding and I thought it would be fun to take a picture of it. You know since I had my camera for the pumpkin picking and it was such a nice day so we were driving with our windows down. I realized it's a lot of fun to take crappy hair pictures on a windy car ride. :)
Here is my 80's hair. The problem I am having lately is since I had Delilah I have lost a lot of my curl (my theory, Delilah stole it). It is super curly in some spots and frizzy frizzy and straight in others. So it takes an hour to flat iron or I can wear it in an 80's mess of random frizz, waves, and curls.
Here I am doing my sexy model pose. You know like the pictures teenage girls post all over face book ;) hmmm maybe that's where I should but these.
... maybe not.
I am debating if I should just chop this mess off. I'm getting so sick of it.

Delilah wasn't too happy we had the windows down.
I wonder how much longer I would need to grow it before I could donate it again, but this time not cut it above my chin.
It's getting so annoying maybe I could go with a super short A-line again, it has been a while and at the rate my hair grows, I might be able to get Collin on board. :)
This is after the car ride, the picture doesn't do it justice it because you couldn't see all the little frizzies going EVERYWHERE, it looked like someone rubbed my head with a balloon. Collin said he wasn't even sure if he wanted to be seen in public with me because my hair was so crazy. (sarcasm... I hope)


Anna said...

awesome. you know i'm on board to cutting it. cut it cut it cut it. And who the h cares what collin thinks. gosh

Cindy said...

Personally I think you look hot:) I also have 80's big hair too. Crazy thick and long. I think I might cut mine soon too. The cool thing is it grows back in about a year, so I say go for it! If you want to cut it and have a change, do won't stay short forever.

Lauren and Carter said...

do you lose hair during pregnancy? This is a symptom I have never heard of. I love the picture of Delilah struggling to color (I guess that's what she's doing) while the wind blows everything. haha.

Conner said...

Mary Lou writing - I can relate to the hair dilemna - I can't cut my hair. The last time it was short it was to my shoulders after Carter was born and I'm still mad about it. If I get a couple of inches cut, the next time I tell her to go easy - I just recovered from the last cut. However, you did look really cute in your last short haircut - so I don't know what to tell you.

grandma blair said...

I can't believe how long it is!! I remember that just before you left to go to S.C. you had a rotten hair cut. If you get it cut, make sure you are happy with the person who cuts it. I love you no matter how you wear your hair.

red said...

Your hair looks awesome. It doesn't look frizzy at all. Plus collin has some serious flatulation issues so if he mentions your frizzy hair just bring that up. And you will lose more hair with each pregnancy so enjoy it while it's there. I think i'm down to about 1/4 what mine was in high school which, for me, is pretty manageable!! I do the same thing though, cut it short then grow it long, then cut it again. I think it looks hot. (stupid Collin.)

red said...

Oh and you TOTALLY look like a supermodel in the windy shots. suck on that Collin :)