Monday, October 26, 2009

a gift for Sheryl

My good friend Sheryl Lynn just had her first baby. ("Just" meaning end of September).
I love Sheryl Lynn So I made her a few gifts and sent them her and Owen's way.
This was my first attempt and a reversible sling (the folded square in the corner, I haven't quite mastered it). I sent her a nursing cover, a tag toy, sling, and a diaper strap.
Love you Sheryl Lynn and I'm so happy you have a beautiful baby now, you are going to be an amazing Mom. I just know it!!


Suz said...

way cute- I LOVE that fabric!!

grandma blair said...

you are so talented, I'll bet she is so happy to get all of that fun stuff!

Ann said...

Totally adorable. However, since I have no children, could you explain the tag toy?

Michelle said...

For some reason kids are obsessed with tags, like tags on shirts and blankets.
Delilah would have a stuff animal and would only play with the tag. :)
They Love them.