Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek at Delilah's Halloween Costume. I am posting this on my blog instead of Delilah's, because let's face it this was my decision and no one else and I have put a lot more thought in to it than she has. :)
Plan A: When we were pregnant, Collin's Chinese teacher was in China and bought this little outfit for her and brought it back to us. I thought it would be so cute if she went as a little Chinese person. I would put little piggy buns on the side of her head so she had an Asian hair do. You would have thought she was Chinese, I just know it!!

Unfortunately a Chinese size 2 is a little different from an American size 2, and Delilah's shape is a little different from an average Chinese child. :) The pants were so tight and difficult to get on that we split the tushy in the pants.
So we went to a plan B: what could a cute little red head be for Halloween. Then it hit me, it's almost cliche but I she just HAD to be
This is my first time making a costume. Armed with google (the website I used) an old T-shirt (the bottoms), a yard of green fabric, and some felt this is what we got. I really don't like to compliment myself but I am proud of this top I mean come on I made it in under an hour! It's a reversible Pinafore, I think I might make another one for her with some cute fabric. Now I just need to find a bone for her to wear in her hair and a long sleeved shirt to go under it.


Angel said...

you know what I'm thinking when I read these posts right? I don't even have to say it!

Michelle said...

Angel, here's the deal I hadn't gotten back into sewing when we had the "I can't sew" conversation.
I still feel like I don't know what I'm doing. I mean come on my main source of knowledge is google. :)

Lauren and Carter said...

Impressive...and nice that she can wear shorts on Halloween. :) Too bad about the Chinese outfit, it was super cute too.

Mary Lou said...

Good job Michelle - she looks just like Pebbles!!

Collin Shaw said...

Kudos to Michelle for the ingenuity of making a costume. Looks amazing!

grandma blair said...

that is very cute Michelle, You have all kinds of surprises up your sleeve. You are amazing. She makes a perfect Pebbles.

red said...

You should have just painted her green so she could be a buddah :) I LOVE the costume you made her she's so freaking cute. And you're so freaking amazing.