Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jeans for D

Ever since she wore her first pair of jeans they have looked uncomfortable. I didn't put her in them very often but thought since it's getting a little chilly here (you know 70's ) I needed to pull out some of the pants I have been saving. I pulled out a pair of jeans she got from one of the baby shower. They were a size 3t and I thought well if they don't fit I can adjust them.... they didn't fit and no adjusting would be possible. Delilah is a bit on the "curvy" side and infant jeans are not made for her body type. I didn't think much about it until I was digging through my closet and found two pairs of jeans I bought for 2bucks at Old Navy when I was pregnant that I never wore because they were hideous (pleats for some reason, and the reason I still bought them I'm not quite sure). Anyway I thought well I can make jeans out of these for D, and so I did. I used a pair of pants I knew fit her well as a pattern winged the rest of it.
I think they turned out cute but I have officially made three pairs trying to perfect them because each pair has it's own little problem.
These pair don't have enough room in the trunk for her junk.
So this is what you see when she bends over. The pair I made last night fixed this problem but they were a little too long.... cool
So as soon as figure out what I am doing a little better I will do a tutorial (Anna). Just in case your little one can't fit in those crappy store bought jeans.
oh.. and in this picture we were coming home from the store (I just recently discovered giving her a treat while in the store, Man what a difference a push pop will make. I have never really given her candy before, sweets yes, but not candy I think I will reserve it exclusively for grocery shopping because it is a lifesaver.)
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Suz said...

It's amazing how helpful a little piece of candy can be. I still use that trick a lot. :) Oh- and cute jeans too. i wish I knew how to sew!

grandma blair said...

Michelle, you are amazing. Quite resourful to make your daughter levis out of a pair of yours, way to go. You remind me of your Great Grandma Day, she would figure things out and make her own patterns all the time.
I think that if you found a pattern you liked you would enjoy using one.

Anna said...

:) I like her junk in her trunk. :)

Brandon and Kassidi Bridge said...

Those jeans turned out so cute, nice work! She's a doll!

VJBlair said...

Great Job you are very creative.

red said...

Get it that's hilarious!!! and I think the not enough junk jeans make her butt looks smaller. She is such a cutie. That's awesome you made her jeans. Those ones look a lot more comfortable than the store bought ones that are too stiff to move in. Amazing!