Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sneak Peek in our new books

Winkflash was having a sale on their photo books, 100 pages for 20 bucks!!
I was making a wedding book for myself and was telling my mom about it. She decided that she wanted one. I'm the youngest of 6 kids and thought it would be kinda weird for her to have this huge book of just my wedding so I asked my siblings to help me put together a book for mom of all our weddings, including my mom's wedding. I thought it turned out nice. I thought I would give my family a sneak peek since my mom's book won't be there for a while.
(family if you see any mistakes please keep them to your self, the books have been ordered ;) thank you. Oh and this order varies a little from the book, picasa shuffled all my photos.)
This is the big book I did of Collin and I, we were so young, and thin ;)
And here is a book I did of Delilah's first year, she's grown so fast.

I'm excited for the books to come, and what a deal I saved about 50 bucks on each book!!


Suz said...

That was really fun to see all your familie's wedding photos! You guys seem to like to get married in the winter too! :)

Blake and Erica said...

U did a great jo with the books :). Ur mom will b so happy when she gets her's.

Lauren and Carter said...

such a happy baby. I think only like 2% of the pictures had an upset face. Of course, you may have done that on purpose. :)
It was fun to see all your wedding pictures too!

red said...

Can you beleive you have been married almost 5 years? Delilah is so cute! Thanks for sharing. You're amazing.

Anna said...

wow. so much work. love all the pictures. not in love with you putting my wedding pictures out there, but whatever. :)

Anna said...

but i'm in love with d's book.
so jealous i didn't do a few books

Betsy said...

Good job Michelle. I love them all. Was it so hard to narrow down which cute pictures of Delilah to use?