Sunday, October 11, 2009


Well our house stinks and baking soda isn't going to fix this problem.
When living in apartments there are some pro's and con's;
Pro: when your ceiling starts falling into your bathtub on a Saturday night, you get to call someone and it is then their problem which they will fix, and if they don't you complain.
Con: you have upstairs neighbors that are idiots and don't think they need to tell anyone when their water heater breaks because they mopped up the water. (or their ice maker, or their toilet, this is our third water problem)
It is drying out right / still draining, and we will have someone replace the Sheet rock tomorrow morning.
Hopefully my house will stop stinking like wet Sheet rock soon.
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grandma blair said...

So sorry that happened to you. I like the Pro part, glad someone else gets to fix this problem and not you.

Lauren and Carter said...

haha my boss the other day was telling us about how her furnace broke and what a hassle it was to get it fixed and I I've been wanting a house lately. But perhaps being in an apartment for a little while longer all of a sudden sounds much better...I can call someone whenever there's a problem, and they have to fix it. :) It sucks though, that you have to deal with idiots. Hope it gets better soon. :)

red said...

oh boop that sucks. Sorry. We have some awesome pictures of that happening to us. THREE times but it flooded everything. The day we left DC the lobby ceiling was bulging down because of flooding. Spray some bleach on it and poke a hole in it. Glad someone will fix it for you. Glad it's not poop water this time as well :)