Sunday, November 22, 2009

Homemade Granola .. a favorite!!

In Taiwan they don't really have "breakfast" foods like we do. I really missed having breakfast cereal and when having this conversation with one of my room mates they suggested we make our own. It was like being home, but in Asia. I would have it for Breakfast and Lunch sometimes with a little drinkable yogurt on it. Mmmmmm. Anyway this is what we came up with and I have been making it ever since.
Now before we dig into this let me explain that it is not low calorie, nor low fat but if you are looking for a good source of fiber this works for me. :)
Also I am sorry but I don't have use exact measurements but I tried to give good approximations.

For starters we will be making NUT CLUSTERS:

1. In a food chopper/processor add 1 cup of walnuts, give a rough chop.
2. Add 3T flour, 3T brown sugar, 1T cinnamon, 3T melted butter.
3. Blend into a dough
4. Press into a greased pan
5. Bake at 350 degrees for ~15 minutes or until the edges start browning.
6. As soon as it comes out of the oven roughly crumble it up with a fork. It will be soft but after it cools it will harden into the perfect delicious clusters you are looking for.
*you can also add honey to this mixture, but I eliminated it to reduce calories.

1. In a microwave safe bowl add ½ stick of butter, 1 cup of brown sugar, ¾ cup of honey 3T of cinnamon. Microwave at a minute at a time until the brown sugar dissolves and butter is melted. (I add a lot of cinnamon because I love cinnamon, I add it later I’ll tell you when)
2. Add 2lb of oats to the honey, sugar, and butter mixture stirring until the oats are all coated.
I like to mix my oats ½ quick oats ½ rolled oats. If you go exclusively with one oat make it the rolled oat, the quick oats get soggy way too fast. Also when I do this I double it so I use one 2lb of quick and one of rolled oats. I mean if you are making granola you may as well MAKE granola.
3. Lay the oats out evenly on 2 sheet pans. (when I double these I use four sheet pans)
4. Put the oats in the oven at 350 degrees, every 10 minutes toss the oats ) do this until the oats have been toasted lightly. (it took me four times but remember I am only 314 feet above sea level, so this will vary with where you are say 6100 feet)
5. After the oats have cooled add your nut clusters and dried fruit. I have always added the tropical dried fruit blend (pineapple, mango, papaya) that dole makes, but my Walmart let me down this week and I ended up doing raisins and cranberries. In Taiwan I did mango and pineapple. If you do do the tropical mix you need to cut them up so they are the size of raisins (bite size).

6. Mix, Mix, Mix, and enjoy.
I usually just eat it like breakfast cereal with fresh bananas in it. You can also add it to yogurt, ice cream , applesauce. One thing that I love is that Delilah has been eating it for breakfast and loves it.
I don’t know if you like granola, if you will make it, or even if you appreciate it but I LOVE IT.
I keep mine in zip top bags, but I was reading you can keep it in the freezer or fridge to keep it fresh. We usually eat ours before it ever has a chance to go stale.


graydonblair said...

Mmmmmmm.....granola.....makes me hungry. I bet those taste incredible!

Collin Shaw said...

Cleans out the system very well too!

red said...

You're so amazing. I bet Collin's feet fall asleep 1-3 times a day when he's eating this stuff :)