Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Inner thoughts on a Wednesday night

Tonight Collin got a new video game. He hasn't had a new game in a long time. He sold some books a few months ago and with the money pre-ordered a game from Amazon, and that game came today.
It just so happened that today was a crazy little girl day aka she was driving me insane. Since I have been doing so well in the diet department (espeically well for Halloween) I G-chatted collin in class and asked if he would pick me up an Oreo McFlurry (ghetto I know) on his way home. Normally I know the answer would be no, because he has been at school ALL day and by time it is time to come home (9PM) he just wants to come home, but because his new game came I knew I could get almost anything out of him tonight.
I put Delilah to bed and started working on a fall project (which turned out cute, post to come for sure!) and thinking that in a few hours I would be enjoying a delicious oreo McFlurry. mmmmmm
Well he forgot, he walked in empty handed, okay technically not empty handed because he did pick up some head phone extenders (his new game has a headphone requirement.. my requirement).
He figured it out when he saw my face and said he would go get me one. I'm a resonable person and was okay with not having one even though I had been looking forward to it, but insisted it was okay and late and I didn't need one.
Collin being in his "new video game" super good mood put his stuff down and left. He came back about 15 minutes later with McFlurry in hand. . . . an m&m McFlurry. :(
Honestly who thinks putting M&M's in ice cream is a good idea? It's biting into a frozen piece of candy... not fun.
So super sweet husband goes and gets me a super sweet treat but gets it wrong not all the way wrong but wrong enough I don't even want to waste my calories on it. I just kept looking at him trying not to make a sad face, after all he did go out of his way for me he just got it wrong in the end.
I then was thinking should I let him know how much he screwed up and I'm bugged he never listens and mention to him how many times I said "oreo" and start a huge argument over a McFlurry, (but we all know it wouldn't really be over a McFlurry) ..... or do I say thank you and pick the m&m's out.
I know this is a pretty silly post and most of you are probably like Michelle who the H cares. It just made me think about the stupid things that I let bug me, and that I really should be happy with what I have and not complain about the little things wrong with what I have. I mean sure we are poor graduate students living in the ghetto, and my husband won't let me buy the fancy toilet paper, but we are surviving, we have a car, a home, a beautiful girl, and a marriage that is surviving graduate school (that's a big one). So what if my McFlurry doesn't have oreos in it at least it's a McFlurry.

Babe thanks for getting me a McFlurry.

PS. after picking out the top layer of m&m's in the McFlurry there were only 4 through out the rest of it, I guess this was one of those instances where it was a good thing McDonalds is skimpy with their toppings.


Anna said...

wow, your husband doesn't hear everything you say, gosh I'm so relieved I thought I was the only one. Coke does not equal Diet coke, just like m&m does not equal oreo. :)

Brittney said...

oh hell no!

Michelle said...

I love you Brittney, L O V E you!!

Lauren and Carter said...

I care, Michelle. :) I enjoyed reading that, thank you. Sometimes I think it's refreshing to hear the imperfections in other peoples lives...because I tend to assume that everyone is perfect except me (and my husband). And congrats on seeing things in a good way. :) Hard to do sometimes.

grandma blair said...

Love ya Michelle,

Matt Linder said...

Can I have the m&m's?

Suz said...

You know I definitely sympathize- how many more months until school is over?!?!

Michelle said...

... we have about six months left so close.
I don't know how many marriages/ relationships I have heard have ended tragically in graduate school. So happy we are almost done.

red said...

I have to say my husband is getting pretty good at getting me exactly what i ask for...oh wait I just go get it myself. That's very nice of you can probalby hold the game thing over his head for a while :) This is why it's very important to keep a supply of Oreos on hand. (take that YW lesson!) Oh and it's about 80% that end in divorce...well a little less if it's not law or medical school. You're doing great. You're a pro now. Keep it up! It will be over before you know it and you'll miss the adventure. OH Daniel LOVES the mcflurry. I remember when it was a serious indulgence to get one in law school