Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Inner thoughts on a Wednesday night

Remember our Jack-o-lanterns. The day after Halloween I asked Collin if it was okay if we threw them away.
Collin said we should leave them up for a few more days.

Do you think I can get him to throw them out now?

I love him but sometimes he takes more than "in just a sec."
We will see how long it takes for him to see this.

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Lauren and Carter said...

This is something we don't experience in Utah's dry climate. :) At least not that I've seen. I rather think the mold improved the looked so fitting with his frowny face.

Anna said...

thats funny, all my pumpkins go moldy here in utah. :) When I try to do a secret post he always checks sooner than usual. Good Luck.

red said...

All that humidity make stuff especially moldy. Awesome. Your mad pumpkin looks even madder :)

thomas said...

lol...ours looked the same way last sat. Blake finally threw it away for me :)

Collin Shaw said...

We are never throwing it away!