Sunday, November 8, 2009

it's what's for dinner

I have never made chili before, but I decided to give it a try.
HOLY CRAP!! Why didn't anyone tell me it's hard to screw up chili. All you do is chop up a bunch of veggies dump them in a pot with seasoning, meat, and tomatoes and you're done! It was so so so tasty.
I make bread alot but for some reason have never made a grilled cheese with it.
OH MY GOODNESS!! They are delicious!!
Collin and I have been in chili and grilled cheese heaven ever since.


graydonblair said...

Looks really good!

red said...

did you put beans in the chili? Because I can't understand how you're in heaven if you gave Collin beans. ha ha ha. You're amazing. I bet home made bread cheese sandwiches are sooo tasty. Please publish recipes soon :)

Collin Shaw said...

That Chili was amazing. Kudos to Michelle.

Mary Lou said...

Good job Michelle, it sounds like it was a hit!