Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a little help from Delilah

I was giving D a tub when she thought I needed my hair washed too. So she put water on the top of my head until it was wet enough, then she proceeded to play with it with her hands. She honestly looked like she was trying to style my hair. Such a silly girl.
did you know my bangs would go into ringlets if I let them, don't believe me look at my sixth grade picture. (I would show you but I don't have a copy with me)
Such a crazy girl, I think I'll keep her.
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grandma blair said...

funny little girl!!!

Blake and Erica said...

U need to write a D Book...all the things D does :)

red said...

pllllbbbtttttt....kisses on that awesome belly. She's a beautician AND an artist...wow impressive.