Monday, November 16, 2009

Lizard season

sorry the picture is blurry he was really high and we were in a hurry to shoo him out.
I would have never guessed when we moved from SLC to SC that instead of snow in the winter we would have lizards. These guys are everywhere now and this one was on our screen door when we came home from church. When we opened the door he ran the wrong way and ended up in our house. He was probably a few inches longer than a dollar bill. I don't mind the lizards, they are kinda cute and they eat the roaches.
Happy Winter everyone.
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thomas said...

The Lizards eat roaches?!? I didn't know that...I guess I dont mind the lizards as much anymore.


grandma blair said...

glad you don't mind them. are they different colors?
did you get my message about Daniel's baby?

red said...

Yikes. I hope you don't step on one. That's crazy. I hope you don't get snakes...or aligators :)