Tuesday, November 24, 2009

a love story..

On March 12, 2002 Collin and I became a couple.
July 24 2002 he left on his mission.
To Tacoma Washington.
August 2002 I left for Urumqi China for 4 months
Then in January of 2004 I went to Feng Yuan Taiwan for 6 months.
I came home July 5 2004 and Collin came home July 31 2004, it was like nothing had changed.
A two weeks later (I know I know Young and Naive) we were engaged.
Then on November 24th 2004 we were married in the Bountiful Temple for time and all eternity.
I think I got a good deal.
Love you babe Happy Anniversary, here's to the next 5!


State of Grace said...

Happy anniversary!! (who knew our anniversaries were so close together?) Maybe in the next 5, you can make another adorable little red head kiddo...

Betsy said...

Happy anniversary. We love you guys!

grandma blair said...

Happy Anniversary, Hope you get to go out and do something together tonight. The years went by really fast for me. School, a baby, and more school. The next 5 should be very interesting.

Anna said...

happy anniversary, happy anniversary
happy anniversary
go out. get a sitter. get a sitter get a sitter. get a sitter. (line from corrina corrina)

Lauren and Carter said...

yay! Happy Anniversary!

rachel said...

:D Happy Anniversary!! Loved your story, loved your pictures, wish I was there to keep 'Delaylay' Mei for you tonight.

red said...

Collin is the lucky one. Happy Anniversary. five years is awesome. keep up the good work.