Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pine Cone Wreath

When we moved to SC our original plan was that we were going to be in China for 18 months. With that in our mind we left ALL home decor back at Utah with all of our other non essentials. Plans changed and we stayed here and we have NO decorations. I didn't decorate last year but I am going to try to this year starting with this.
I got the idea for this Pine Cone Wreath HERE. We are all about cheap right now and since we have a giant tree that is constantly dropping pine cones in front of our apartment, I figured it was in our budget.
It took probably 3 hours total to make (2 hours longer than I like to spend on a project, but I was watching TV so it was okay). It took a tub (~2gallon) of pine cones (our tree makes size small and very small pine cones), over 30 mini hot glue sticks, Styrofoam wreath (hobby lobby $5) and some tulle I had left over from a tutu project.
I had most everything so it cost me 5bucks to make and I think it was worth every penny. Yea for fall decorations!
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Lauren and Carter said...

I love it! you could easily switch out the tulle for a Christmas color and and it's totally Christmas-y. I'm all about versatility. :)

grandma blair said...

I am so impressed Michelle, it is awesome. To see how it is made was fun too. IT looks very tedious. you did a great job.

Jody and Alex said...

LOVE it! You have inspired me!

Blake and Erica said...

U r so crafty ;)