Saturday, November 14, 2009

Swiffer Cover

I have always enjoyed my swiffer. It has been small and convenient enough to clean up small spills in between mopping. When I ran out of swiffer sheets I didn't want to buy any more so I substitute them with clorox wipes. They worked pretty good, then I quit buying those. I tried putting a wash cloth on it but it was too thick and wouldn't stay in the punch hole thingies. So I started to try to come up with an idea to make a swiffer cover that can be washed and reused. I came up with a few ideas but none of them seemed promising. Then I thought, if I am thinking about this I am sure someone else is and has probably made one and done a tutorial for me. So I rocked some mad Google skills and found exactly what I was looking for HERE.

I made it with a brown washcloth, pink fleece, and velcro all things I had on hand.

Another reason I love my swiffer I can take out the two middle poles and force child labor.


Anna said...

sometimes you are just too amazing. A Swiffer cover? You sewed a Swiffer Cover? That is really amazing!

Angel said...

I love that idea, and I'm jealous of your thrifty nature.

red said...

Wow. And who has velcro on hand Seriously :) That's awesome. You rock.