Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful on Thanksgiving. . .

On this Thanksgiving day I wanted to express some of the many things and people I am thankful for. At the top of my list of course are these two, who I would do anything for.
I am of course also grateful for THESE PEOPLE and every thing they do for us.

Another thing I am so grateful for is that I was able to look like this a few years ago.
I have to thank my heavenly father and a little modern science to look this way
(oh and Collin played a roll too). Part of me thought it would never happen and for that I am so thankful. Thankful I could be a mom.
***Anna informed me this sounds like an announcement, it's not.Sorry for the confusion.
Another thing I am grateful for when I don't have a baby in my stomach is my heating pad :) I couldn't have survived this last weekend with out it. In fact my heating pad is what gave me the idea to do this post. It is such a little thing that is shoved under my bed most days but this last weekend I was so thankful for it. I want to take this opportunity to give a shout out to some of my most favorite things that don't get enough thanks in my life:
Binkies, ipods, 409, spray and wash, Google, Picasa, the Internet, photo shop, bananas, vacuums, prayer chairs, prayer, warm showers, washing machine, dryers, a car, a home, warm blankets, AC, Heat, electricity, Jed Nesbitt, bugs, garbage men, grocery stores, paint, clothing, the scriptures, church, good friends, good books, HGTV and FOOD, cheese, ice cream, lactaid, technology in general, smart people who invent things I use, parents who taught me, siblings who taught me, Utah, airplanes, web cams, digital photography, ducks (to feed, not to eat), food, crayons, glue guns, Mr. clean bars, PB bars, mobility, pain killers, birth control, shampoo and conditioner, slippers, pictures, the temple, church, friends at church, enrichment night, paper, magnets, nail polish, self check out counters, calendars, job offers, schooling, knowledge, refrigeration, inside jokes, breathing, sleeping, trees, plants, slings, spiderweb dusters, avocados, gmail, purses, dogs, digital camera, flip flops, chi flat iron, immersion blender, George foreman and his grill, kitchen aid stand mixer, external hard drive, my laptop, my salad spinner, Delilah's snack cup that keeps the snacks from falling everywhere, my electric fry pan, dish washer, coloring books, hammer and nails, emery boards, lint rollers, planners, alarm clocks, sleeping in, kisses, hugs, emails, hello's, snail mail, Autumn, potatoes, Are you still reading? Anyway I am so thankful for many things in my life, and thankful for the holiday that lets me express my thanks to them and eat pie.
Until tomorrow when I will show you how Thanksgiving went, I wish you a very Thankful Thanksgiving.


Mom B said...

Michelle, we really missed you today! I hope you had a fun Thanksgiving there with your family. And that is SERIOUSLY a long list of things to be thankful for! I am thankful you are my fun niece, and I love you lots!

red said...

:) Thanks for the awesome list. I'm thankful for you...And Delilah :)