Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

Now that we are all super full and recovering from our tryptophan induced naps. I thought I would blog our special Thanksgiving day for three.
The last time we spent thanksgiving alone it was here.
This is Collin and I on our honeymoon, we had only been married a day and really didn't mind spending the holiday just the two of us.
This year just the three of us. I think it is more difficult to make a thanksgiving dinner for three than it is for 15. My favorite thing about thanksgiving (aside from the company) is the variety of food. It's like chuck a rama but sanitary, and not disgusting. Collin said we should keep it simple and not make a lot of things, but come on, it's thanksgiving. So I tried to scale everything down. starting with the night before thanksgiving I made pies.
The plan was to buy the mini pie tins and make a few 1/2 size pies but they didn't have any at the store so I risked it and made them in a muffin tin. I have only made pies a few times and not frequently enough to learn from my mistakes or even remember my mistakes so I was excited for the challenge. I made three different kinds of pies.
surprisingly they turned out nicely. The crust / pie ratio was a little off but nothing a little whipped cream couldn't fix.
When we went to the store we probably spent the most amount of time looking for the smallest turkey we could find. We ended up getting just the breast of a turkey weighing in at 6.25 pounds. It was my first time ever roasting a turkey, enter google. After looking through several websites I came to the decision; olive oil, salt and pepper and that was it. It turned out surprisingly moist, especially for just white meat. we also had mashed potatoes, stuffing (not stove top at Collin's request) and green bean casserole which Collin didn't grow up on so he could barely look at it let alone eat it. And just because we are good Mormons we I threw in some orange jello as an after thought. Thanksgiving dinner wasn't the same as it has been in the past but we were still able to enjoy it.
After dinner we relaxed and watched A Christmas Story, which I don't remember there being so much swearing in. (I guess I am a mom now)
We are now listening to Christmas music and trying to plan different things we can do to get into the Christmas spirit.
I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving, because I know we did.


Collin Shaw said...

Dinner was amazing, thanks Michelle.

Mary Lou said...

I'm glad your Thanksgiving was nice, I was worried about you guys being alone. Dinner looks like it was yummy!

Max said...

Your pies look awesome!!
Even though this was an 'alone' Thanksgiving, it will probably be the most memorable of your lives, maybe next to your first together.
I remember my first Thanksgiving, holiday for that matter away from home. I was at basic training in the Air Force and was home sick!!
God bless you kids..
Love Dad

red said...

Cute! See if you guys can find some Christmas lights to go see. That always makes it feel like Christmas. Miss you a lot.

Anna said...

That is funny cuz of collin let d. watch football. in the middle of the game the picture showed d. asleep. and she is so cute. as cute as a peanut on a tree.

Anna said...

that was from lincoln. :)