Friday, November 20, 2009

What's for dinner tonight...

When we moved out here I took it as a challenge to improve my cooking skills. I really enjoy baking, LOVE baking but my cooking skills needed some improvement. I have learned a lot from trial and error since we have moved here, mainly error. Lately I've been feeling like my cooking has been slacking. I have fallen into a routine and am constantly looking for a quick out. Which usually means, casserole, cheese, hardly any vegetables, which means not healthy, something we are trying to avoid.
A regular meal fell on the menu again this week, spaghetti and meatballs blah blah.. boring. Yet for some reason I felt proud of dinner tonight. It's just spaghetti and meatballs but it was a little more than that. I had a friend give me a TON of tomatoes a while ago so I took advantage of it and attempted to make my own red sauce with them, (weird, but something I have always wanted to do). It was easy and delicious, so tonight I did it again but with diced canned tomatoes, some herbs, and a fresh onion.
The meatballs were turkey and I wanted to try something new with turkey. Anna told me how she makes her so I took some of her ideas and mixed them with my ideas and came out with a new meat ball. (oatmeal, breadcrumbs, cutup, Dijon mustard, liquid smoke, Worcestershire, salt, Parmesan cheese, and 2 eggs) They were pretty good, I think I ate about 5 (I usually only have 3). After Collin ate one he asked if they were beef. It's the liquid smoke it does wonders.
But the pride and joy of the meal was the bread. I have got into the habit of making bread every other Sunday so with that delicious bread (mom's recipe) I made some toasty garlic bread.
Now I know this meal isn't super amazing or earth shattering it's just I was proud of my ability to make a delicious meal, made from scratch for under 5 bucks. I'm getting there.
Really if I don't take pride in the little things I've got nothing.. .. .. well except for this adorable little girl who LOVES her some spaghetti, and vocabulary lessons at dinner.


Anna said...

mmmmm. Most kids love meatballs. Thats awesome. I haven't done bread yet. still scared. She of course is adorable. I wanted more video. :)

red said...

you're amazing. AMAZING!! My friend has a website where she posts dinners for under $5. That's really awesome you should put it on there! Don't be afraid of being in a rut. Ruts are tasty.