Monday, December 21, 2009

another trip to Charleston

Collin and I truly love Charleston. Collin even applied for a few jobs in Charleston. Collin's mom Mary Lou came into town so we took it as an opportunity to go to Charleston. It was a foggy kinda cold day but we still made the most out of our trip.
The beach was empty good for us, too bad Delilah doesn't realize now isn't the best time of the year for swimming. We knew she would splash and get soaking wet so we planned for it and let her play. She is adorable and I loved watching her play in the water. I have seen star fishes before but never when they are still alive, Collin found this one so Delilah and I could touch it. She wasn't too interested in it, too bad because it I didn't realize how much they feel like a lizard.

Usually when we go to Charleston we spend most of the day at the beach, but since it was so cold and gloomy we were able to spend our time else where on this trip. We looked at the houses downtown and did a little shopping in the market (which are actually old slave trading buildings). We went to eat at the Crab house where Collin got shrimp, Mary Lou got crab, Delilah got the mac n' cheese, and I got the only non sea food item on the menu. :) One day I'll enjoy sea food, one day.

After downtown we spent the rest of the evening outlet shopping. I have never seen Collin so helpful and content shopping, I think it had something to do with his mom being there, because I know if it was just us there would have been some whining. (love you babe)
All in all it was a great trip, so someone else come visit us soon so we can go again.
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Anna said...

oh, i just want to be there. i want to play in the ocean, i want to eat the sea food, i want to touch the old slave trading walls and think about all the happenings that went on. I want to walk the streets. ohhhhh if i don't make it out there before you move I'm going to die!!!!

Anna said...

oh, and i didn't know star fish feel like lizards either. :)

red said...

Hey Anna maybe we can ditch one of our childrens and just take the babies...we could stay in a hotel or something so we didn't overtake their apartment...or not. Did you guys see any light houses? Miss you a ton.

red said...

p.s. I LOVE the wet sand butt print on her pants :)

thomas said...

Ok those crab legs look so I have a new craving :), thanks Michelle!!


grandma blair said...

I love the pictures of Charleston so glad you could find other wonderful things there.

Mary Lou said...

My favorite day. The crab dinner was mine and I had quite a difficult time eating it. I love crab but it always gets the best of me. I had to have Collin break the legs open and help me. I felt pretty ridiculous but it was YUMMY! Delilah was so good at this restaurant too!! She had Mac & Cheese! Michelle was being supportive once again. She hates seafood and had a chicken sandwich while Collin and I had the best seafood ever.