Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Remember our Christmas from last year? The engine fan in our car flew into our radiator and busted everything up then when we were looking at it realized our tire had a buldge in it so we had to put a TON of money into our car. There was a moment this year when we thought we were going to have a repeat.
I made a quick run to the store to get some butter to make this toffee. Which was easily hands down the best toffee I have ever made. I got the recipe here.
I also made caramels but they didn't turn out as well as I would have liked them to. They were a little too soft, you know the kind you can't even get out of the paper and you end up looking like an idiot biting it off of the paper. Yah that is what I made.
Anyway back to the car. I was coming back home from the store when I hit a pothole and tore the side wall on our front passenger side tire. I was only a mile away from home but didn't want to risk ruining the rim by driving on it and for some reason our tire iron wasn't in our car with the spare. So I called roadside assistance (included in our insurance) and very friendly man came and fixed up my tire and gave me the advice to get a tire iron .. . . um...thanks for that tip.
I know a busted tire isn't that big of a deal, but our car is all wheel drive and that is the tricky part. When you replace one wheel you need to replace all four or it will mess up the transmission. Hence the reason we had to replace all four last year. I took the tire to pep boys (where we got it) and they were super nice and told me the tire couldn't be replaced but our tires are new enough and have hardly any miles on them, that it wouldn't effect the transmission if we just replaced one tire. Oh and the tire we replaced, still under warranty. So what could have easily cost us 400+ dollars cost 11.62.
We are truly blessed. This is the picture I sent to Collin with my phone while I was waiting for roadside assistance. It doesn't really show it well I should have taken a picture of the two big holes.
Collin's family has a tradition to go out to breakfast on Christmas Eve morning so we hit up the waffle house.
2 waffles
1 egg and cheese biscuit
1 egg, bacon and cheese biscuit
hash browns
diet coke
chocolate milk
12. 36
Collin loves the waffle house and according to him we don't go enough. It's literally right up the road from us.
We came home and rocked out to guitar hero (an early Christmas present from my brother Daniel and his wife LeAnne)
Collin had his traditional hor'dorves. For those of you who aren't Shaw's the consist of summer sausage, cheddar cheese, and dill pickles skewered on toothpicks. Very tasty I am sure, but wouldn't know. I felt bad for Collin lately because he told me he isn't eating enough meat, that's why I got him some summer sausage. It is Christmas right?
Here is how we spent Christmas Eve night. It was our first (of many I'm sure) to be santa's little helpers and assemble D's adorable nursery toys.
This is a picture that was difficult to take, due to Collin's "IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE, LETS GET HYPER" mood. I thought it would be fun to get a picture of the two of us in front of the presents, and this is what I got. eh.. what do you do.
Christmas morning came and we videoed the entire thing but on our camcorder so no video but I'll paint the picture. She walked in the living room and with out a second glance at her new toys grabbed the stroller and started pushing it around. She then moved on to everything else gleefully playing with each new toy. She was adorable until the melt downs started as seen below.
We went to the Hilton's home (a family in our ward) for dinner/late lunch. It was a lot of fun and the kids all played well together. Thank You Hilton's.
We then returned home web cam with my family to open presents. We hooked up the laptop to our TV and enjoyed watching all the chaos from our apartment while Delilah slept. Thank you for all the gifts we enjoyed them.
Merry Christmas to everyone we had a good one and hope you had the same.


Anna said...

Merry Christmas Boop. Cute pictures

Mary Lou said...

I can just imagine Collin being hyper on Christmas Eve. He was always the last one asleep and the first one up. Delilah will be lucky if she gets any sleep as she gets older on Christmas Eve.

red said...

We missed you. It was fun to have you there, i'm sure you missed the chaos :) There must be something about giving kids a bunch of toys that makes them have a melt down. Ours did the same thing.