Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hot Pot

The pictures aren't the best because I turned off the flash so they wouldn't think I was a weird American with my camera, although I don't think they would have since they all eventually pulled out their own.
The night before thanksgiving we went to the store to get everything we needed. We ran into Yao-Yao while we were there. He goes to school with Collin, and he and his wife are adorable and in love with Delilah. They invited us over for a very special authentic Chinese dinner of Hot Pot. Which Collin loves, I've never met a hot pot I have enjoyed but love the company so we went. Yao Yao and his wife were there along with five of their friends from China. They all loved Delilah (even though it took her an hour to warm up to them) by the end of the evening most of them had taken pictures of her with their own cameras.
The evening was really fun. Once we started eating there was a moment of silence while everyone was chewing and Delilah took that as a sign it was time for the prayer. She folded her arms and bowed her head and whispered a jabbering of a prayer. They looked at her for a minute and we explained she was blessing the food. Yao with the sincere face and sweet smile thanked Delilah with a little bow. It was such a sweet moment I have been thinking about it since it happened.
The hot pot was DELICIOUS!! I've never had one with such great flavor (and I have had quite a few in china, taiwan and America). There was lamb, pork, and beef all sliced paper thin along with sprouts and mushrooms. They were worried it would be to spicy for us but it was perfect for me and Collin kept adding spice, which impressed all of them. I forgot how much I love authentic Chinese cuisine and the culture that surrounds it.
I was also proud that they were impressed with my chop stick ability and pointed it out to everyone as I picked up some cilantro. I shyly said "they didn't give us forks in China", and they all laughed. Delilah is very obsessed with chopsticks (we use them a few times a week) and they all got a kick out of her trying to use them. They suggested we picked up some children's chopsticks for her. I hadn't even thought of that. I will have to get some next time we are at the Asian Market.

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grandma blair said...

What a fun time, glad you enjoyed the food and the company. How sweet was that that Delilah blessed the food and they thanked her. How Sweet!