Saturday, December 19, 2009

My 27th

This picture was taken at the end of the day on my birthday when I realized I hadn't taken a single picture of myself on my birthday.
I had a great birthday this year. Many of you know that last years birthday was . . um. . I'm not sure how to put this but, it . . well it sucked! I guess that's the only way to put it. This year was MUCH better. My super terrific family sent me gift cards which Collin made sure I spent all of them the night before, he said if I didn't use them all to get myself something he would inherit what was left over. With such a strong motivation I got a new crock pot (the locking lid one), a new apron, and two pairs of jeans. Thank you Family. The morning of my birthday I slept in until 11, did you catch that ELEVEN!! Collin got up and made sure Delilah was taken care of and quiet and I slept like the dead.
During Delilah's nap Collin proceeded to make my birthday cake. He was determined to do it all on his own. So with some supervision Collin made his first cake, using the kitchen aid for the first time, using a piping bag for the first time, using pretty much anything you need to make a cake for the first time. At his request I did make the frosting. Collin was SO proud of this cake. He has been commenting about it ever since he made it. "Remember that awesome cake I made?"
After Delilah's nap we got lunch. We were going to go out to eat and I couldn't even think of anywhere I wanted to go. But while Collin's mom was in town we tried Pop's NY Pizza for the first time, and it was so good we had it for my birthday. This is the smallest size of pizza you can get. It fed us for 3 meals. It was such a good Birthday

Delilah picking all the olives off, not eating them just picking them off.
The day after my birthday we had our ward Christmas party. After the party some of my best friends from the ward went to catch a 9:50 movie. I haven't been to the movie in so long. It was so nice to have a girls night out and who wouldn't want to hang out with such wonderful ladies. I need to get out more often.

Rebbecca, me, Angel, Naomi, Cara

Thanks for such a great Birthday it was a good one.


grandma blair said...

So glad you had a great birthday. You look awesome, are you and Collin holding back on this biggest loser? Are we going to have to send you the winnings?

Collin Shaw said...

Man that cake is amazing. Wonder who made it?

Suz said...

Sounds like the perfect birthday- and that pizza looks amazing! Yum!!

Lauren and Carter said...

um my first thought reading about the cake was "That is exactly what Carter would say/do. He wouldn't drop it for...probably the rest of our lives." I said this out loud, and Carter was like "well yeah, Lauren, we're all the same. You're not alone in this." :)
Collin, you did do a great job on the cake. We were both quite impressed.

Cindy said...

Glad you had a great birthday. Sleeping in till eleven sounds like a bit of heaven. And Collin your cake looks really awesome! Happy 27th Michelle :)

Matt Linder said...

Nice cake! Plus you have okay friends.

thomas said...

Your cake really does look tasty :).



Daniel said...

That is IMPRESSIVE!!!! A freaking fancy cake INDEED! Thanks for making her birthday special.

Ann said...

Collin gets mad props for the cake. :)