Sunday, December 20, 2009

My computer

Here is the story of why my blog was vacant for almost two weeks. It sounds funny that after such a short amount of time we were getting some phone calls and concerned messages from people wondering where I went. Sorry for the scare, we are healthy, safe, and okay my laptop just finally gave up the ghost. and I'm sorry Misty, but I don't like blogging on a mac it's all just a little too foreign.
We bought my old lenovo laptop (may she rest in peace) about three years ago when I was going to school full time as well as working full time. I felt like I was never home to do homework because most of my days were wake up go to work, go to class, go back to work, go to class, back to work then home then to sleep. I was really lucky I worked on campus and had a job that was willing to be flexible with me and my school schedule but my grades were starting to slip (3.2 ish) and I was exhausted. We finally broke down and got a laptop for me, the semester I got it I got my second 4.0!! The first one was during a summer semester, I was still working full time and Collin was in China and my classes were body image and eating disorders, human sexuality, and women's health concerns, and one other I can't think of at the moment (I truly love my major). Ever since I got my laptop my life seemed all that much easier I could do homework in the halls waiting for class, in class, at my parents, at my in laws. Wherever I went my laptop is not far behind and it hasn't changed to much.
When we made the big move my laptop was more than just a convenience she was my life line. I didn't know anyone in SC, I didn't have cell phone reception in our apartment, Collin was in classes ALL DAY, and I usually didn't have the car. I use my laptop to chat with Collin through out the day when he is in class (with the occasional web cam session during class, when Delilah needs to say hi to daddy) I use it to chat and web cam with my family, and obviously to blog and read blogs so I don't feel so far away from my extended family. SIDE NOTE: I love blogs, how else would I know my nephew calls gas x kick A$$, or see how cute everyone is in their Halloween costumes, thank you family for updating them for me, it really means a lot to me.
About a year ago my laptop got a NASTY virus. I had to start from a clean slate in order to get rid of it, since then she has never been the same. She was working slower and would do weird things every now and then. We started to have to reinstall windows about ever other month. Collin and I had it down to a science and we could reinstall windows on my computer in about 2 hours. I knew that she wouldn't last long and would eventually die on me, but I was hoping she would pull through until next fall when we would actually have an income. With us in school right now I knew we couldn't afford or rationalize the purchase of a second computer when Collin has one that I can use when he is home and not using it for studying or working. It would be a sacrifice but it is what we would have to do. Then something happened unexpectedly.
I have been meaning to blog about this for a while but thought it would make for a weird post. I now have a part time (more like when they need me) job at a consulting firm doing important research that I can't comment on (it's all confidential). This last semester Collin was going to school and still doing some part time work for the consulting company he did his summer internship with. One night he was swamped with both homework and work so I asked if I could help him. I did some research for him and put a table together and thought nothing of it. A few days later I heard him talking on the phone with his boss.
"....Michelle ended up helping me do a lot of the research so I was able to get it done.
A-huh, yah she has a degree.
Community health promotion.
Yah, well she's smart and knows computers.
I'll ask her. . . ."
I laughed at Collin when he told me they wanted me to help them do research and put together documents for their clients. I mean I can do it but. . . I wipe a bum, a face, dirty little hands, all day along with the occasional coloring and knocking down blocks, not really the professional type. They know that I am a mom and that I can work for 2 hours during nap time and then after 8, and their cool with it. I mainly use Google and excel and they pay me for it. I mean every stay at home mom's dream job, right? Weirdly enough Collin said that most MBA students would love to work for a top consulting firm as well.
Back to my computer. It broke right? She made funny noises, was working really slow, wouldn't open certain files and then a few weeks ago she no longer would keep a charge, then she would just randomly shut off, right in the middle of what I was doing. I will admit I came so close to throwing my trusty laptop right against the wall. Especially one night when I had been working on a spread sheet for a few hours and hadn't been saving regularly. I need to remember the good times we spent together, she lived a full very labor intensive life and she was cheap to begin with.
I am just happy I was able to get a new one because we found a killer deal on and I now have a "job" and important things to do (I don't think Collin considers blogging "important" I think I will start referring to it as "family history work" so it sounds more essential to my celestial well being). and seriously Collin and I can't share, a laptop. How am I suppose to gchat with him on his own computer?
So there you have it long story short

I'm back online!


Lauren and Carter said...

My dad swears by tigerdirect. I'm glad you got a new computer! And congrats on the job! That's so awesome.

Mary Lou said...

Thanks for sharing your story - We're all thrilled you're back online.

Daniel said...

YA freaking Y. I'm glad you found something for cheap. Dainel's computer broke in law school it totally sucked because when he got home from school it was how I connected with the world. I'm glad you're back. Never leave again :) That's awesome you have a job. If you ever decide to go back to work later (not that you're not working now.) then you can have that on your resume as well. You rock :)

Anna said...

so happy you have a new one.

Le said...

Welcome back! I've missed Delilah. . . And you. But mostly D.