Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A shower for Taylor

My good friend Taylor had a beautiful baby girl. We didn't know she a baby girl until she came so we waited until she was here to have her shower.

*adorable baby cake made by cara (lady in purple)
*Taylor (the proud new mamma) is the one in the brown, tourqoise, and purple shirt,
and if you look all the lovely ladies are checking out sleeping Evelyn.
*veggie tray and fruit pizza by Erika.

For Evelyn's little presents I made her some onesies with iron on patches. I hope she looks adorable in them, unfortunately they probably won't be handed down to the next child because I also put a her name on the back of each of them. I thought they turned out so cute that I am jealous of them and am starting to wish I had made some in Delilah's size.

Thanks Taylor for letting us snuggle on that little girl of yours.
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red said...

Now that's what I call a Southern Baby shower :) So cute. All that food looks really yummy. And you're amazing YET again for coming up with a way to make unique baby gifts. You rock. p.s. new baby J's onesie is ADORABLE.

red said...

P.s. your family picture is GORGEOUS. And I LOVE that you two are smiling nicely and Delilah is having an 'i just got an awesome sucker so I would hold still' dance :)

State of Grace said...

wow, i feel so honored to be the 'picture taker' of the header of YOUR blog! haha I'm FAMOUS!

I really wish I could have made it to the shower! But it looks like you had an awesome time!

Anna said...

awesome stuff. so how do you make iron ons? tutorial please. thank you

thomas said...

so fun and so yummy :)!!!


Lauren and Carter said...

I want cute iron on onesies for my children. Just throwing that out right now.

Ann said...

I'm been out of the blogging world for a bit...but your family picture is ADORABLE!

It was fun to read all the updates in one sitting. I sure like you.