Tuesday, January 26, 2010

3.8 week 3

This week I discovered incline.
I have been rocking the incline this week. The first day I worked out at an incline I did it at 15 (the highest it will go) for 20 minutes. I slowly worked up to it then slowly went down so still a 50 minute work out. My heart rate was up but I didn't really feel the burn. . . until I stepped off, and that night. Needless to say I have only been going to 7 or 9 and keeping it between a speed of 3 and 3.5. I am enjoying it, more than jogging so I took a break from jogging this week.
Hopefully next week my time will improve and I will jog more. That being said my sister is coming into town tonight and I am nervous because she has told me a few times that there will be no dieting while she's here. She wants to try all the southern food with out guilt (ie me eating a salad next to her). We are also going to go on a little road trip for two days so I'm not sure how much exercise I will get in in those days sooo... wish me luck and tell Anna she needs to be supportive. :)

On a side note, this is a lizard under a food storage tub. As Taylor (my amazing, only reason I am getting out of bed and exercising, partner) was walking out of her house she told me she had a lizard in her kitchen and was creeped out by it. I haven't seen a lizard in months so I was shocked that she had one in her kitchen. So before our work out we went and wrestled this HUGE reptile (a work out in it's self). Yeah I caught him, I'm pretty impressed with myself, and my reflexes for that matter.
No lizards were harmed in the making of this post, although I'm sure Taylor wouldn't have minded.


red said...

That's what you get for having awesome weather. That's right no sympathy. Who the crap lives somewhere warm enough to see lizards in JANUARY!!! you're brave I don't touch creepy stuff in my house. I'm glad you found someone to go work out with.

red said...

Oh and incline totally works your tushie...I do 1.5 and that is all because I am a wus.