Saturday, January 16, 2010

a gift

I rarely get an uninterrupted shower. I usually get knocking, or pounding on the door followed by "mooomm, mooomm, mom, mom, mom, hi, hi, hi, hello, mom, mom" This time I got a beautiful picture sent under the door, and a giant "where have you been my whole life" hug when I got out.
I love this girl.
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grandma blair said...

how sweet is that

red said...

You're brave for showering with her awake...not that there's energy or time when she's asleep. That is a really really good picture. She draws very well. I just keep telling myself there will many many years where I do get an uninterrupted shower and I'll probably miss the interruptions :) Especially the ones where he says "Mommy I want you to come and play with me." that's so sweet she did that. Did you almost cry?