Friday, January 8, 2010

our life this week

Like I mentioned Delilah has been sick before and since Collin left. It has left us in a crappy situation, we can't leave because we are sick, but we both want to leave because we are sick of each other.
Most of the week Delilah has only wanted to lay on my lap. She refused to eat or drink, and I tried everything at a moment of desperation diet coke may or may not have been poured into a sippie cup.
When she wasn't in my lap she looked like this I've never seen her so docile before. She was such a loaf and literally just wanted to be snuggled constantly. (notice the full sippie cup that hasn't even been touched).
I thought for sure it was just a cold and it would go away but it wasn't. She quit eating and then she quit drinking. The morning she woke up with a nearly dry diaper and a fever was when I decided to take her in. It took about 48 hours for the drugs to kick in but she is slowly getting better.
On Wednesday she started feeling better but she hadn't slept the night before which meant I hadn't slept the night before, and during her nap I had to work. So her and I went in her room in the late afternoon and shut the door, I laid on the floor and let her "play" I was so exhausted I didn't care what she did and was just happy to keep it contained to one room. Here is the result.
Today she was doing much better, I am still giving her Motrin once or twice a day because she is still coughing like crazy and gets clingy if I don't. She no longer has a fever and last night slept for most of the night. I decided to get us out of the house we would go for a walk. It was in the mid fifties and felt great outside. We ended up walking 3.8 miles round trip (according to google) and probably would have gone longer if Delilah hadn't started to melt down for being in the stroller too long. The way back to the car was more of a speed walk than a leisurely stroll, at one point when she was screaming and throwing things I started to jog but my pants started to fall down so that was cool. I also tried getting her out and letting her walk around but there was a canal on one side of us and a river on the other side and she wanted to jump right into both. So she was pretty ticked to be put back in the stroller (which is near impossible when she turns into a screaming board). In the end she was given my phone, unlocked, and took pictures with it. These are the results
Needless to say we have missed Collin this week, Delilah is still asking about him. I know I have said it before when he goes out of town it is impossible not to feel envious of him. Montreal does look pretty cool after all, but rest assured he is under a lot of pressure to win and his phone calls are sounding a little more stressed. His current schedule has him getting home as 2 in the morning on Monday, which lucky him he starts school on that very same day. When he gets home we will both be exhausted.
Anyway this is pretty much our week in cell phone pictures.
Tomorrow Delilah and I are going to try to spend some gift cards, but who knows how that will go.


grandma blair said...

I am glad you were able to get out of the house for a little while. Too bad the path wasn't more kid friendly.

Anna said...

good luck with the gift cards. food is the key. little snack baggies. :)

Suz said...

so sorry about your week! I am glad D is feeling better and hopefully getting some good sleep in will help everything go much smoother!

Lauren and Carter said...

I think she has a future in art...drawing, photography, painting - something. :)

Blake and Erica said...

I think u should get a vac. when Collin gets back :). Take Care!!