Friday, January 8, 2010

a thought

Today I was coming home from Wal Mart when I saw something. . . odd.
So there was this man, he was well dressed, in a suit in fact it looked like a nice one too. He was cleaned shaved and had a proud and happy demeanor about him. Here's the odd thing he was on a bike, in the middle of traffic, helmet on with a back pack. It was a windy day so his suit coat was bellowing in the wind I think that is what caught my eye, or it could have been that he was on a mountain bike in a suit, in the middle of a busy intersection signaling left. Then something even more strange THERE WAS ANOTHER ONE!! He looked a little younger, and not too happy to be on a bike but the same thing, suit, bike, back pack, helmet. I mean who does that?

What's that?


that's right, No wonder people think we are odd. we are!

I waved, I mean what else do you do?