Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Week One

I have a new goal. There is a walk way near our house that I recently discovered. The route I walk is 3.8 miles. Today I decided to time myself. I didn't jog at all because I wanted to know how long of a walk it was.
I was disgusted.
58 MINUTES! that's a 15 minute mile!
So here is my short term goal I would like to start jogging and change this number to 38 minutes a 10 minute mile. I feel this is a good short term goal that is achievable.
You may ask why am I telling you? Someone once told me "a goal is just a wish unless you tell someone". You my friends are my "someone". To hold myself accountable I am going to post my time once a week on either Tuesday or Wednesday.
Wish me luck I haven't jogged since high school.
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Brandon and Kassidi Bridge said...

I bet my one mile walk would be close to double that! Great goal! You can do it sista!

red said...

You can do it! Don't freak out if it doesn't work out right at first. Walk a lot to build up strength you'll be surprised how easy it is to jog if you've been walking already. You're awesome. Gooooooo Boop.

red said...

p.s. I missed your posts. Instead of posting on my blog I just check yours like twice a day to see if there's anything new :)

Mary Lou said...

Good Luck Michelle - I'm cheering for you!!

Max said...

I like the 15 min mile, that is about my speed. I think you will be able to do your 10 min. mile easy. When you come here we can go on the trail in Farmington. I will walk and you can jog. Good luck

Cindy said...

Remember to account for pushing a stroller. It really can slow you down and wear you out faster. When I do a 5k I am at about a 10 min mile, and that is with no stroller. If you are pushing D. when you reach your goal, then you should give yourself extra kudos!

Ann said...

Um, for the record, a 15 min mile is a GOOD walking speed. So don't beat yourself up.

Second, I've run consistently for something like 13 years. And I run a 10 minute mile. It's never gotten faster.

So help me if you get there in two months. :)

Sure love you!