Wednesday, February 3, 2010

3.8 week 4

Due to Anna coming into town my work out routine was a step above flushed down the toilet. I worked out ONCE while she was in town. The hotel we stayed at had a nice gym but I some how forgot my work out clothes/PJ's and the gym shoes I brought were two different shoes. Pretty awesome huh. I got back on the treadmill today though and if felt so nice to start working out again. By next week I will be in Utah so we will have to see if I can remember the right shoes and if I can survive at such a high altitude.

On a different note I finally went to the doctor yesterday for an annual, I have been putting it off since we moved because I didn't want a new doctor. It took me a long time go find Jed, and I didn't want to find a replacement. It was a terrible experience, but I went into it knowing it would probably not go well. Not many Gynecologists meet a 27 year old who has already had 5 surgeries for endometriosis, but when you start at the young age of 14 that's what you get. I truly was spoiled with Jed, I forgot not all doctors empathise with their patients. I felt like she thought I was lying to her, because she eventually looked at my scars and said "oh yah, there they are." She also tried to push Lupron on me, um.. no thanks, and was confused when I told her how I have been using the pill (or the ring in my case) to treat my symptoms. I left frustrated and eventually crying in the car, but at least one good thing came from the appointment, when she was listening to my lungs she said "Girl how much you jogging a day!!" because I guess I had a larger lung capacity than she was expecting. I believe it's because I am a stomach breather but I will take the compliment, and Pray I can find a better doctor in Michigan.
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grandma blair said...

so sorry it didn't go well.
Make sure and ask people in your ward for a good Dr. in Michigan. sorry.

red said...

I'm so sorry. Some doctors are idiots. In D.C. NOBODY ever believed me. (hence the GIANT FREAKING kidney stone.) I hope you do find a good one. When you get to church find someone who has your insurance and ask them. That's how I found all my doctors in D.C. some of them were still jerks, though. So sorry. stupid doctor. Try to get your medical records from Jed while you're here in Utah. It helps if they can actually see everything...stupid doctor.

Anna said...

ya, don't know what to say. Jed is awesome. Have yet to find someone else that I like. :)
Um...and your dr. We should start sending hate mail. I can come up with some good hate mail, whats her name. :)

Lauren and Carter said...

That sounds crappy. I am sorry. Definitely chiming in on the "better luck in Michigan" hope. In brighter news, so excited to see you soon!