Tuesday, February 16, 2010

3.8 week 6 / Utah

I missed a week in traveling, and I'm going to be honest I haven't had much of a chance to work out. I am happy to say that I have been craving it though, so that is a good thing. Although I haven't been working out as of this morning I am down 7 pounds since my last 3.8 post, but that is more to do with the stomach flu I got before we flew out, the cramps that kept me on the sofa all day one day, and the stomach flu I have had the last two days. We will see how much of that weight comes back.

Even though I haven't been feeling 100% lately I have been enjoying my time with family and Utah. It has been a different trip home than the other ones. I feel like for the first time I am coming home to a different home, but it's still the same. . . does that make sense? As soon as we landed in SLC I became homesick for Salt Lake. I loved living downtown, being able to walk everywhere and all the diversity that it has (Collin would say hippies instead of diversity, because he keeps saying if there is one thing he doesn't miss about the Aves it's all the sandal wearing, beard growing, granola eating hippies. Little does he know all he needs is a beard and he's one of them but we will keep that just between the two of us). As we drove around I ached thinking I will never live here again (at least that is how it is looking right now).I was bugged (aka jealous) seeing all the sidewalks, wide roads, public transportation, and beautiful parks. Utah really is a family/kid friendly state. I know SC has some more family friendly areas we just don't necessarily live in one of them.

The first night I was home I was laying in my bed listening to Collin and Delilah sleep, and when I say "my bed" I mean my old bed, my old room, and looking at my old stuff. Sure there are a few new pieces of furniture in the room now to make it more accommodating for all the grand kids, but still it was my old room where I use to day dream of being older, married, a mother, and just future life in general, and there I was future self laying in my old bed. It was a very nostalgic moment, I started thinking about what my 19 year old self thought my 27 year old self would have done at this point. I believed I would have;
finished school a
got married to Collin a
had kids [got one so working on a]
Collin would have an amazing job [soon to be a]
we would have a house [still a year out]
have a ton of money [um... I guess no one thinks about student loans when dreaming]
still four out of six isn't bad for a dreamer.
A few other things that have happened since I have been in Utah that have made me feel like I've been missing out. One being as I was driving north on I-15 there was suddenly an overpass missing. People an OVERPASS, I mean those things don't just disappear! But I guess they do when they have 6 months to make it happen. I feel like my little city is exploding, new restaurants, new lanes on the roads, old businesses gone with new ones in their place. I know I was just here six months ago but it just proves how fast things can change, one day I will come to visit and I won't recognize anything and I will need our Garmen to navigate. Another thing HOLY CRAP kids grow fast. I mean what happened to my little nieces and nephews they are all growing up so fast and with that comes vocabularies, height, and obsessions with things like Hannah Montana instead of things like Elmo.

Even though I miss it I am enjoying the time we are here. I love watching D play with her cousins. I love seeing our families immediately love her just because she is family (and pretty lovable). I love that my brother's family stayed the night and around 6:30 in the morning while I was trying to sleep and D was watching Dora in bed with me I got a light knock on my door, it was Beth she's 5.

um... is this Delilah's sippie? I found it on the table.
eh, yeah it is. Thanks
~awkward silence while Beth looks at me.~
Beth, would you like to come watch Dora with Delilah?
Uh... sure.
and then she runs and jumps up in bed with D and I ,and is soon joined by her older sister.

I love that they know I'm cool with them getting in bed with me, because I'm their aunt. I love that they will love on Delilah because they are cousins (or hit her depending on the cousin or the toy in play, which is also part of being cousins). I love that natural bond between aunt, uncle, cousin and Delilah, and I love that I am getting to see it first hand.

anyway... I'll will hopefully get over this bug and get my camera out.
Tomorrow is the big haircut!! so get ready!!


Anna said...

awwww i liked that post.
i think when you get to go to all the family parties and see the family/cousins you take them for granted. excited to finally see you guys tonight, so sad we missed everything on sunday!!!

Cindy said...

7 lbs is pretty great I'd say. Sorry Bethy woke you up early. Grandma must have sent her in to you :) And the whole cousins/family parties thing is the reason Dave won't let us leave the state. My girls love their cousins and grandparents (and aunts).

Michelle said...

I didn't mind Bethy waking me up. She's a sweet heart. I'm happy she felt comfortable enough to come get in bed with us.

Daniel said...

THANK you for updating. I'm glad you're here experiencing it. I hope you'll get to move back here someday. Enjoy your adventures, and PLEASE keep coming home. I really really enjoyed coming and just hanging out with Delilah the other day. She's so sweet. I'm excited to get to keep playing for a while.

See you soon :)