Thursday, February 4, 2010

Appointment made!!

I so HATE my hair right now
It is way too long, you can't even see the bottom of it in these pictures.
But don't worry, it will all be gone soon!!
The appointment has been made for after Conner and Aanni's wedding.
Feb 17th
I couldn't be more excited, hopefully there is enough to donate. SO PUMPED!!
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Cindy said...

There will be plenty to donate:) They just need 10 inches. When I donate, they give me the haircut for free.

Trint and Misty said...

NOOOOO!!! I love your hair!

Anna said...

YEAH!!!! So excited. You'll be so sassy!! I think you should do a poll on how people think you should cut it. :) Not that it'll matter what everyone else wants. But just for fun. :)

grandma blair said...

Hopefully you will be very happy with how it is cut. Are you going to your favorite place to get it cut?

Eve said...

I bet you get tired of all that thick hair, but it sure is pretty. I will be jealous of you this summer, though!

Also, that last pic? That is such a Delilah look!

red said...

I don't know how you keep your hair so silky and healthy. I think you look adorable either way. What can you say? You're a hottie.