Sunday, February 21, 2010

a lonely husband

Collin left Utah last Sunday to return to school and work. He has been doing pretty good at keeping him self busy. I miss him and it is adorable to see Delilah miss him. Every morning she asks for him and today at the Shaw's house she kept picking up a framed picture of the three of us pointing to Collin and saying "Dad" over and over again. I eventually put the picture high enough so she couldn't reach it.
Today I started receiving a bunch of unsolicited picture texts from Collin around lunch time. Apparently he got a little bored and started cleaning. I thought I would share some of them and the subject with you.
"your bathroom, You want me right now huh?

"admit it now you really want me"
did you know/ notice Collin prefers to have the bedding untucked so his feet aren't restricted at night.
I myself prefer the human burrito tuck. Oh and I have been looking for bed side tables but I'm being picky and in no rush. I mean TV trays work right?
"yeah that's a vacuum"


" I believe that is the entire apartment"
Note: the sofa doesn't usually get shoved against that wall but Collin likes it there so he has more floor space.

We miss you babe we will be home soon, but you are welcome to keep cleaning!!


Anna said...

oh, risky behavior collin, now she knows you know how, and can get the entire apartment done in one afternoon. I would say you've raised the bar. Good job. :) I like the couch over against the wall too. :)

red said...

Nicely done! We're the same way with the bed. I like to be tucked in as tight as humanly possible and Daniel hates it. Dude Collin you fixed the car AND cleaned the house...Sounds like Michelle should come visit more often :)

red said...

Oh and our bedside tables are plastic drawers with wheels. Sometimes you just can't let go of stuff that works really well and costs less than $5!!!

Cindy said...

Wow! Nice! Almost makes me want a smaller house, just to have less rooms to clean. That is very cool to have a husband that cleans when he's bored :)

Lauren and Carter said...

Carter also hates his feet restricted but the argument I have with him most often is that THE BED IS AGAINST THE WALL. It is ridiculous. It's very difficult to make and looks stupid and I always have to fumble blindly in the dark for his chapstick since the nighstand is only on my side. I tell him that the second we have a room slightly bigger, the bed goes in the center of the room. He thinks he can't sleep unless he is pinned against the wall. He claims he'll fall out. Etc. Etc. Sorry I went off there, it's a pretty touchy subject around here. :) I just look at the nicely made bed without covers crammed against the wall and nightstands (whatever they look like) on each side of the bed and sigh with longing...

Brittney said...

i am with collin on the sheets being untucked