Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I first had edamame believe it or not in St. George after China, before Taiwan with some friends I met in China. Ever since then I have been in love with it. In Taiwan my room mates and I would go to this neat restaurant where instead of benches they had swings. We would get fruit tea and edamame and swing, it is one of my best memories from Taiwan. Thus my love for edamame grew even more, and since I'm doing green foods in March I'll show you just how easy it is to have it at home.
You can buy edamame in the pods or out of the pods. I prefer it in the pods, it's funner to eat that way.
This bag was $1.67 at wal mart.

This is how I eat them, technically you can eat them cold if you want, I like them warm. I boil them until they are warm (a few minutes), strain, salt, eat. Sometimes I saute them in garlic, or a teriyaki sauce. They are pretty versatile but just as delicious with just salt.
To eat them put the pod in your mouth and force out the beans with your teeth and discard the pod.
A healthy tasty snack!


grandma blair said...

that looks really good, and so easy too.

Anna said...

hmmmmm. I wonder if anyone at my house would eat it. looks like a snack like you said, i thought it was more of a meal. But we will defiantly try it. Thank you for showing us how.

red said...

I'm really glad someone explained that to me. I have been looking at it and even bought some once but didn't know what to do with it so it went bad. I have a request. I keep buying asparagus which goes bad while I'm trying to figure out how to cook it. We're non-garlic/onioners over here any ideas? I really like my veggies just steamed. I usually don't even put salt or butter on my cooked broccoli because I LOVE that naked veggie taste.