Wednesday, March 24, 2010

hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn

This morning something slowly woke me up. It was Delilah talking to herself in her bed, but it was still dark outside. I woke up a little more to hear LOUD BLARING music. What the H!!! Our neighbors have been known to be loud but it's never in the early hours of the morning, it was 6 we get up in the 8 o'clock hour. I am now fully awake (similar to Delilah) and try to figure out where the music is coming from. As I was listening I realize the music is in Spanish, and belonged more in a fiesta than in Columbia SC, especially our part of the city. I'm use to hearing terrible rap and terrible country, not even the good stuff, but I don't think I have ever heard Spanish music.

This music wasn't bad, it seemed very traditional, and I think if it wasn't 6 in the morning and had just woke me and my daughter up I would have probably enjoyed it. Delilah wasn't in a bad mood or crying, she was talking in a way that made me think she was dancing in her bed. I thought to myself, we can get up and start our day and maybe dance a little to this music like the perfect moms in movies do when turning a bad situation into something fun or we could make it stop. If you know me 6 in the morning is no time for dancing, and for sure no time to be starting my day.

When I first heard it I shove Collin to ask him what time it was. He barley moved so I shoved him again, "Do you hear the music that has woken up our daughter? We need to do something."
"I need to get some more sleep." and he rolls over and goes back to sleep. Now Collin shouldn't be judged for his actions when he is half asleep, but unfortunately he is, and I'm bugged but know there is no point in getting him involved in the state he is in.

I get out of bed to decide which wall or ceiling would get the official "shut the H up" thug. Something in my 5+ years of apartment living I have never given. Let me explain our apartment, it is the shape of a rectangle with two rectangle apartments on either side, above spanning the width of our apartment are three town homes. So I walked through the apartment trying to listen which room was worse and It was ours, although you could hear it in every room.

As of late we have had some new neighbors, the entire complex has had some new neighbors. When I first got home from Utah there were big trucks that had cherry pickers on the back of them, and some with wood chippers parked through out the complex. I assumed we were getting our trees trimmed and it would take a few days so they were leaving their trucks, it didn't make that much sense but that's what I assumed. Then the trucks never left and I noticed similar trucks parked outside a hotel up our street. As a few weeks passed we figured out that they have been living in the apartments and going and doing work somewhere in the city. None of the trucks are from SC, a few if not all are from Texas and they are parked everywhere. This wouldn't normally be that big of a deal but the are HUGE. I would say in comparison to our car they are at least five feet longer and 3 feet wider, HUGE. They have them spread out through out the complex but seriously our parking situation is slim at best and our streets barely fit two cars side by side, so these trucks pose blind spots and inconvenience all over the complex.

There is a group of these truck driving tree killing men that are living in the apartment next to us, for the most part they are quiet but they are constantly walking in front of our apartment on our porch late at night. It's just off setting, especially when Collin wasn't home and I kept hearing people outside my apartment. There was one night I didn't get to sleep until after five. It was ridiculous but I didn't do anything because they hadn't done anything to truly break the apartment tenant protocol. Until that is this morning.

I didn't want to immediately assume it was my new neighbors so I went outside to look at the apartments and see where the fiesta music was coming from. I looked up and all the homes were dark so I go to my right to see if my new neighbors were to blame. Their entire apartment was lit up with light and I could see through the sliding glass door the culprit, a TV with bright colors blaring the happy music.

Before I knew what I was doing I was in PJ's and bare feet knocking on a door to an apartment with anywhere from 5-9 truck driving tree killing men in it. A man came to the door and looked a little surprised to see me. I said I need you to turn your music down, it's woke up my entire family. He looked at me again as if he didn't understand a word I had said, then it registers, he didn't understand a word I had said. So I pointed to the TV and said "turn it down" while acting out the turning of a knob with my hand, "it's woke my child up" raising my had to the height of Delilah. The man shook his head and said "okay, okay" as he got it followed by a "sorry". I said thank you and walked away and went and climbed back into bed. To shove Collin and tell him what I have just done.

And there you have it, I can hear my self now, "You stupid kids, get off my lawn!!!" I've forever been changed, I'm one of "those" ladies. I never would have thought in a million years I would confront my neighbors with something like loud music and before I knew it I was knocking at their door.

Lessons to be learned.
Don't mess with my baby while she is sleeping.
Don't mess with me while I am sleeping.
And you had better make sure you don't mess with me in the morning because I will come at you!!


Anna said...

that is awesome. so weird and scary. but awesome

Suz said...

LOL! Rand can confirm that I also am not one to be messed with when it comes to mine or my child's sleep. There was an incident once with a tile cutting machine in our neighbors backyard at 11 PM- some people are just SO clueless!

Mary Lou said...

Way to go Michelle - some people just don't know they're obnoxious and it's our duty to let them know!

Eve said...

I was pretty certain this story was going to end with you finding Delilah was the one watching Telemundo.

red said...

In D.C. we had this next door neighbor who thought it was appropriate to turn her music up SO loud that it literally shook my walls. I had to go talk to her TWICE. It wasn't like late at night or early in the morning or anything but LITERALLY you could hear it TWO floors up and down and she was in the apartment next to me. GROW a brain people. She came over once and asked us when we were moving. :) She was this little latin girl who said she had lived in Georgetown and was used to doing whatever she wanted. I was there first SUCK IT. Glad you did that. I'm sure they will be a little more careful later. You're brave. I hope you BOTH got to go back to sleep.

Mom B said...

If I remember right, Suzanne, didn't you say "I'VE GOT A SLEEPING BAY BEE (said with a Memphis drawl)as only an irritated mother of a young baybee can say it!

Matt Linder said...


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

grandma blair said...

Glad that he turned it down, and that he didn't come after you with his tree cutting machine. You are very brave.

Collin Shaw said...

And you know I don't remember any of this. I'm kind of a hard sleeper.

red said...

I think hard sleeper is an understatement! And i forgot that you don't be messin' wit Michelle in da mornin'.