Tuesday, March 23, 2010


For those of you who are not lucky enough to have known Meeshia, or don't feel they loved her the way I have then you are welcome to skip this post. I am posting this mainly for myself and to record what kind of dog and companion that she was.
Yes Meeshia was Anna's dog but I was there when Anna first saw her, when she picked her out, I was the one who held her on her way home for the first time, and I even helped name her. Meeshia was the first American Bull Dog I ever met and I truly can say I love her, and will miss her. Meeshia died March 23, 2010 after having a stroke.

I have always had a special place in my heart for animals, I look at them and fall in love. I can't help myself and Meeshia was no exception, I just wanted to gobble her up. Anna has always said that I love her more than she does (I know it's not true, but it's pretty close). I loved loving on her, and I am pretty sure she loved me too. When my family sent a felt Christmas tree for me with everyone's pictures on it as ornaments, Meeshia was not left off. I have a 8x10 magnet of her I made and displayed with love on my fridge.

As you can tell Meeshia is not a small dog, but that didn't matter. If you were sitting on the couch she still would want to come and sit on your lap like it fit her just perfectly. If you pushed her off your lap she would then just sit as close as humanly possible to you with out actually being on top of you. Then when you turned to tell her to move, before you said a word she would give you a big kiss and a look that said, "you don't really want me to move, do you?" and of course you didn't.

Collin has never had a dog before and I remember he didn't know exactly how to act in front of a large dog. Not saying he was scared or anything, he just didn't know if you are eating and an opportunity arises to steal your food the dog will. One time Collin and I were eating sandwiches, we were just standing in the kitchen talking and eating. Collin let his arm relax for a second while he finished chewing his bite and Meeshia came up behind him and ate it right out of his hand. Also when Collin and I would hug or kiss in front of her she would jump up in between the two of us and start licking Collin's face. She loved him as much as I did.

Meeshia was amazing with children, I remember being at Anna's once Lincoln was 3 or so and downstairs watching a movie while Anna and I were talking upstairs. Then Meeshia appeared in the doorway, not coming in but not going out, just standing awkwardly looking at us. I asked Anna what was going on and she said. "oh I need to check on Lincoln". Lincoln was sitting on the back of the couch (he's not suppose to sit like that) and Meeshia was tattling on him to Anna.

The last few years I haven't been able to love on her as much as I would have liked but I always made sure I got to see her before I would go home. When Meeshia would get too excited Anna would tell her to go to her kennel (which she normally obeys pretty fast) but when I was there she would give Anna a look that said "It's Michelle, she loves me and doesn't want me to leave" I think it's one of the few times she was able to disobey without getting in much trouble.

Meeshia was one of the good ones, one you can't even imagine could ever be replaced.
Meeshia you know this but I love you and will miss you and your sweet sweet doggie face.


Anna said...

you are kind. Thank you. :) And you are a little crazy. Hope you have your own Meeshia one day.

Mary Lou said...

That is so sad. I've never been much of an animal person but I understand those that are. That post brought a tear to my eyes, I'm sorry your Meeshia is gone.

red said...

Smoochies to Meeshia.