Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Personal Information

Today I got my medical records in the mail. I requested them so I can take them to Michigan with me in hopes of having a better doctor experience. I went to the same clinic from birth to the age of 20 which made my records even more fun to read. I read them ALL this evening, and thought it would be fun to share a few entries with you.

This is the very first entry:

Blair,Michelle 1-12-83 This patient is in today for a WB check. She was born at DNMC and birth wt. 7# 9 oz. and the mother is nursing her every 2 hrs. She sleeps about 4-4 1/2 hrs. through the night and she has infrequent BMs about every 3-4 days. (me here, isn't that sad? D crapped up her back every other hour the first few weeks) She does not spit up and seems to be a happy child. Seems to hear ok.
Phys. Examination: well nourished infant. Wt. is at the 75th percentile and length at the 90th and OFC is at the 75th percentile.

It was sad to read about all my colds, and ear infections. When I was 19 months old (wt. 28 lb) I ruptured an ear drum. How sad is that? I don't know how many times I read the word Amoxicillin. It was cute to read the doctors treatment like "Generous doses of Pepto-Bismol" (age 1). "asked the mother to continue to use some Triaminic as she has done" (age 2). Knowing now that both of those drugs are now not recommended to children under 6.

This one is by far my favorite.
12-23-86 "This patient comes in with some strange shaped bead pushed up in the right nostril. We removed that with a stainless steel wired loop. "
Note the date, I remember both my parents took me and I got a Santa Clause sucker from the glove box for holding still.

The saddest part of my medical history was reading all the different doctors trying to figure out what was wrong with me in High School. I saw so many different specialists and did so many different tests only to finally have my 2nd surgery in 2000 to have all my random symptoms disappear. Especially reading that my pediatrician suggested I might have endometriosis when he referred me to a gynecologist at age 12.

All in all it was fun to sit down and read what the doctors were writing down. I always worried they were writing mean stuff like "ugly girl, likes to complain". I was pleasantly surprised.

Everyone is allowed by law one free copy of their records so if you are feeling up for a fun read maybe you should request your copy. They mailed me mine.


Anna said...

how fun. i want mine. :)

red said...

That's awesome. I remember the bead incident well. And you did get a cool sucker. We were all super jealous. But not about the nose part. Glad you've got them. Get a copy of D's when you move too. hope you're relaxing.

grandma blair said...

just goes to show that I did take you to the Dr. I just can't remember all of the details. I don't remember your ear drum rupturing, I just know that someone's did. I am glad you were able to get your records and read them. Dr. Kramer was very nice each time we went in. He is a very kind man. You were a darling little girl too.

Jody and Alex said...

I got mine (from the same clinic as you I think) when we moved to Pittsburgh and I had a good time reading them, though I didn't go to them for it nearly as long. Its fun to read some of the stuff they write about you!