Thursday, March 11, 2010

pesto quesadillas

(For some reason all my pictures really sucked for this post, sorry)
When I was working at the U I had a good friend Mike I worked with and he is the one who told me about these quesadillas. He is also the person who told me you could throw a frozen chicken breast on the george and it would cook perfectly.
Thank you Mike, thank you for changing my life.
When I am planning our menu for the week and ask Collin what he wants for dinner the only things he can come up with is curry and pesto quesadillas. They really are delicious and easy.


Collin Shaw said...

These things are the most amazing things ever. Everyone needs to try these.

Cindy said...

Those look really yummy and easy. I am excited to try them with pesto.

Anna said...

I adopted this recipe after visiting you. Sad to say my husband's dislike for pesto is so annoying. But lincoln ruby and i all love it. :) hmmm, i think we'll have it tonight. :) Thanks

red said...

Anna made these tonight and they were REALLY good.