Monday, March 8, 2010


In honor of St. Patrick's day coming up I have been trying to come up with some green recipes. Then I realized we have 3 (well 2 really) recipes that are in our regular meal rotation. All of them are delicious and use pesto. We have been using pesto for a while now and I have been meaning to make some from scratch but when you can buy it for cheap why bother? Maybe I will when I get a garden. Collin and I have always used the classico brand because that is the one we can easily find, but we picked up this sam's club one the other day and can't decide which we like better.
So I will be posting some pesto and other green recipes in the next few weeks. I hope you like them as much as we do.


Lauren and Carter said...

Oh please do!! I love pesto, but I've never bought it or made anything with it. Also, I have to bring a "green or St. Patrick's day themed" dessert to work on Wed., so if you have any stellar ideas be sure to send them my way. :)

red said...

I have never understood pesto. It scares me...a lot.

Anna said...

we do corned beef and cabbage for st pattys. sooooo good. soooo easy
i love love love pesto. sadly my husband hates it. :( lincoln likes it though. and I had no idea they had it at sams. exciting. :)