Sunday, March 7, 2010

A sad story . . .

Yesterday for Collin's spring break we decided to go to the beach. We love Charleston, Delilah loves the beach, it's a win win situation.  We had a lovely day at the beach playing in the sand and collecting sea shells. We took tons of pictures (because beach pictures are always the best), we walked around downtown and ate at our favorite restaurant. Delilah was even pretty good in the car for the 90 minutes each way.
We got home after our perfect day trip, bathed and put D  to bed then I sat down to download my pictures. Here's the sad part, something went wrong with the card. I inserted my card and it said
There seems to be a error would you like us to fix it (in computer language).
* DELETE * DELETE *  DELETE ... all fixed.
I know I told you it was a sad story.
I spent the rest of the night trying to download recovery software in a desperate attempt to retrieve my lost pictures. There are a  lot of software out there that will do this but they range from $30-$80. I finally found one that will do pictures for free, and I'm working on it. Hopefully you will soon see pictures from our daycation on the blogs . . . hopefully. Until then I will stay frustrated and bugged with windows 7.


Lauren and Carter said...

Oh no! That is a sad story. We have the one Collin texted us. So at least that one is still alive somewhere. I'm sorry - good luck!
PS At least you got to go to the beach. :)

red said...

That's very very sad.