Sunday, March 28, 2010

a story about pooh, yes pooh

Here is my beautiful daughter Delilah in her easter dress before church. Delilah slept in today so we had to wake her up to get to church on time. I bathed her while Collin got ready, then Collin dressed her while I got ready and we were out the door and off to church all dressed in our Easter best (since we won't be at church net week due to general conference).
We get to church on time and sit down in sacrament meeting. Delilah was doing amazing, better than she has in WEEKS. She is coloring quietly, eating crackers quietly, and being quiet in general, the first time in what seems like 18 months. I was so proud and thinking I should blog about this, because I feel like I only complain when things are tough.
Before I continue on with the story there is a back story I need to tell. Delilah has a somewhat nervous bowel. When she is in a new environment, gets excited, or is around other kids she poops. It only takes a few minutes and she poops. Most the moms at play dates now know this and it's kinda a running joke, "Op she's pooped!". Not a big deal I just have to make sure I take a minimum of 3 diapers when we go somewhere, because she usually poops twice and is known to occasionally throw a curve ball third one in there.
I knew that today since she hadn't already had her morning "movement" we should expect one at church and probably in sacrament meeting. We have made it for a few weeks now without having to change a diaper at church because she is use to it and more comfortable there now, and usually made the "drop off" before leaving the house. When she first starting in nursery she would pooh like clockwork, and luckily for me it was always on Collin's time.
During the first bit of sacrament I reached down to see if she had made the drop off yet to discover she hadn't yet, but she was with out a diaper cover. I leaned over to Collin and asked where her diaper cover was, you know the one on the hanger with the dress. He replied that he didn't put it on, and what difference does it make, she'll be fine.
A little more time went by and my nose told me it was time to go change Delilah so Delilah and I stood up and left sacrament meeting. She walked the entire way, I stopped off in the kitchen and rummaged around for a while hoping to find a sack to put the dirty diaper in, we then proceeded to the mothers lounge where I started to change her diaper. As I was changing her something on the floor caught my eye, it was small and brown, it was pooh. I cleaned it up and thought, "this can't be Delilah's, can it?" I started to change her relatively small diaper when Collin knocked on the door. "eh, Michelle is everything okay in there?" Weird considering Collin usually never leaves sacrament to help me change a bum.
"Eh, I think we are okay I just found a little pooh on the floor though."
"Oh, I know!"
Apparently Delilah's "cargo" skipped the diaper and went straight for the floor in front of our bench. After we left Collin noticed a lingering smell only to find the precious cargo on the floor next to his foot. He left sacrament meeting got some paper towels and went back in picked up the mess then left to the men's room.
After we changed her bum I was so concerned about finding other drop off points that I didn't think to look at her dress. We retraced our steps and luckily found nothing else and went back into sacrament meeting. I cleaned up the floor with the remainder of our wipes and set Delilah up with coloring again. When my phone went off.
I set my phone to silent when at church but set an alarm to go off when I have 5 minutes left of class so I can get my kids to stop coloring and clean up. There is no arguing with an alarm. I apparently had set it for 11:40 instead of 1:40 today and it was going off now in sacrament meeting, I hurried and silenced it only to realize it was not the first time it had gone off. It went off once while we were on our little treasure hunt.
We had visitors behind us and some older widows in front of us, I'm sure they were so irritated by us getting up and down and then an alarm that they wanted to just scream. In this moment of embarrassment and shame I realized I could still smell pooh and that is when I found it on Delilah's dress. So once again Delilah and I exit sacrament meeting to go to the bathroom and wash her dress off. We didn't go back until the prayer had been said.
I went back and immediately apologized to the visitors behind us explaining we were having an off week. She said "give me a hug, I've had to leave church with both my daughter and I covered in pooh. I know exactly how you are feeling." I then turned and apologized to the ladies in front of us and got a "it's okay, did you know your phone went off?"
I then went to primary which went surprisingly well, the kids (5year olds) responded well to the Easter lesson and enjoyed their peanut butter crackers. Delilah did pooh one more time in nursery but it stayed contained.
Lessons learned:
Never forget the diaper cover, especially when she has had beans (and pretty much just beans) for dinner the night before.
Always take extra wipes.

she didn't touch her cheese quesadilla all she wanted was beans. I just happened to take a picture of her because she was being adorable and I already had the camera out to document our delicious dinner of fresh salsa and burritos. I was going to blog about it but I think it will just make you think of pooh now.


Collin Shaw said...

At first I thought it was the vegetable ritz crackers that we brought, but the smell just kept getting worse. That's when I looked down to see a heaping brown pile.

Lauren and Carter said...

Oh Michelle. I'm sorry. Her dress is super adorable though! Hopefully it cleans well. :)

grandma blair said...

This little story about POOH made me laugh so hard. You will be really glad that you wrote all of this down. Make sure and get a book published at the end of each year. It will be a treasure for Miss Delilah when she is a mommy.

Eve said...

Hahaha! I read this aloud to Greg and we were both DYING. Hilarious in a gross way. Or gross in a hilarious way?

Anna said...

so funny. michelle told me about this and I kept telling her it's really funny, really funny. She didn't believe me til the end I think. It's an awesome story, and I will also never forget the diaper cover.
Love the pink shoes with the dress!! She's adorable.

Betsy said...

Eddy says, "Cute shoes!" Don't tell Brandt, comments like those make him worry.

red said...

That just warms my heart...oh I mean that's hilarious...Uh I mean sorry you had to deal with all that crap :) You can tell that one at her wedding breakfast! Her shoes and dress are super super cute. LOVE the shoes. Wow. I'm impressed you had enough wipes to deal with all that and that you stayed at church!

Mary Lou said...

I love this story! I love her Easter Dress - it's the perfect color for her too. What a character she is!

red said...

Sending a little love your way. Have fun at your party tomorrow princess. Love ya!