Thursday, March 11, 2010

they asked...

but not in a rude way.
Tonight at enrichment we were playing that getting to know you game where you have a list of things like "lived in Europe, flown in a helicopter, has more than 3 brothers, is pregnant" etc.. and you try to find someone for each statement.
Someone must have said "is Michelle pregnant?" Then someone heard,"Michelle is pregnant" then I had people (note multiple) coming up to me saying "they say you're pregnant!"
I'm not, but I guess people are starting to talk.

Anyone know a fertility specialist in Michigan?

Don't worry I still had the cake, but maybe I shouldn't have. ;)

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red said...

Good luck. Sending baby vibes your way. I just started telling people who asked me when I was going to have another baby (which I think is the rudest thing you could ever ever ask someone) "oh as soon as we stop having miscarriages." They stopped asking me after that.