Sunday, March 28, 2010

What's in your grocery store?

Sometimes I am so grateful I have a camera phone, especially in a southern grocery store.
mushrooms / tofu it's all the same thing.
~Collin read this and didn't get it so I assume people don't think it's as funny as I do. Mushrooms where tofu goes.. like they didn't know what tofu was, you know because no one eats it here... okay maybe I am a loser because i thought this was amusing.
It makes my mouth water.

Can you see what's in that mans cart? overflowing with beer and one case of pepsi.


Matt Linder said...

Come on. Tell me you don't like the fries...and beer. The beef tongue is for the game after the beer is all gone. You give someone at the party the mushroom before they get wasted, and when they pass out you wake 'em up waving the tongue in front of them telling them to hop in the car so you can take them to the emergency room.


Max said...

Hey, give the guy with the cart a break!! That looks like Coke, not Pepsi. But that tongue would be great to stick in somebody's ear!
I'll bet Collin and D would love the fried pickles, remember? Also, is that the shopping list written on the left wrist?

Lauren and Carter said...

I think dill pickle flavored chips actually look delicious. Totally want to try them.

Michelle said...

yes it is my shopping wrist, I'm trying to break the habit.
Also the red cases in the top of the cart were regular Budweiser, the blue ones are bud light.
I've not tried the fried pickles.

Anna said...

love it. i just take pictures of people's butt cracks and mullets to show jared later. I'll see if I can come up with more creative ones.

Mary Lou said...

I'm pretty sure Collin has tried the dill pickle chips and the bacon and cheddar fries, am I right?

red said...

I'm guessing the pepsi is for his kids!! That's awesome. I love the tofu mushrooms (I got it!) And the cow tongue is disgusting. It's so weird how different places have different disgusting things they sell. Wal-mart is always good for photography! So are you sans-kid in that? Congratulations!