Monday, April 19, 2010

Nursing Cover Tutorial

Nursing covers are easy to make and probably only take 2 hours at the most to make. I spend the majority of the time ironing (which I hate, but is essential with this project).
Here is what you need:
  • 1o"x4" rectangle for the D ring strap
  • 1o"x30" rectangle for the neck strap
  • 30"x40" rectangle for the body
  • 2 D rings (4 for a $1 at wal mart)
  • A wash cloth or old but clean towel to put in one of the lower corners. (optional)
  • 16" of boning, this is what is what will go in the middle of the cover and allow the fabric to stay opened at the top so the mother can see the baby while staying covered.(boning is normally used in corsets and is found near the wedding supplies or elastic section in the craft /fabric store. It is around 2 dollars a yard, I got lucky and stumbled onto a TON on clearance for 4 dollars a box. It comes in white or black.)
use your crappy scissors to cut this because it will damage your nice fabric ones.
Fold and iron the two straps in half right side in.
This next part can be a little confusing, it's one of those things that is easier to show than explain with pictures so I'll do the best I can.
I place a ribbon or thick string in the middle of the folded straps so after they are sewn I can easily pull the string to make them right-side out again. As you are sewing make sure not to sew the ribbon in until the very end at which time you will include a small portion of the ribbon in the stitching. There is a picture a little lower down that will demonstrate this a little better.
You can skip the ribbon step and do the manual push with your fingers and a chopstick way if you wish.
When sewing the 10x4 strap for the D rings sew a straight line making a tube.

When sewing the 30x4 strap we want this a little tapered so it slides easily in the D rings. To do this you slowly start to allow more fabric on the right side of the foot until it is completely tapered.
When finished sewing the neck strap cut off the excess bulk, then turn both straps right side out.
does this make sense? I hope so because I use this trick with anything similar to this. It can be a life saver.
Next you are going to want to cut off the ribbon and iron both straps flat, I like to lay them down with the seam in the middle and then sew around the edges for a cleaner look. It keeps the strap from puffing up.
Place the D rings in the middle of the folded 10x4 secure them by sewing under them.

Next you will need to iron and pin all four edges of the cover portion. Double fold 1/4" on the bottom and sides of the cover, secure with pins. The top fold over a 1/4 " then 3/4" (this is so we will have room for the boning. If you want to put a towel in one of the lower corner now is the time to secure it with pins so you can sew it at the same time as the edges.
After pining sew the bottom and sides carefully removing the pins as you go.
If you decided to put the towel in the corner make sure to secure it even more by sewing two straight lines up about 1.5" in on both sides.

Now to finish it up:
Mark the center then pin the D-ring and long strap each 8" out from the center tucked under the 3/4" fold and pointing down. Then sew a straight stitch across the bottom of the 3/4" hem leaving a small gap (as pictured below) so you can stick the boning in.

Shimmy the boning in the little gap.
A. Sew a straight stitch where the boning stops to prevent it from moving any further. Do this on both sides.
B. Fold both straps up and pin into place.
C. Stitch the gap shut where we inserted the boning.
D. Sew a straight stitch across the top of the entire cover to secure the straps and give the cover a finished look.
Sometimes the boning will move with in the 3/4" hem, if you feel that will be a problem then sew a straight stitch below the boning securing it in place.


Anna said...

soooo you are amazing. :) I love the fabric, who was the lucky lady that got that one? Super cute!

Taylor said...

Yay! Finally posted! Thanks for helping me figure it out!

Beth said...

I think that was better than any other similar tutorial online (esp with the ribbon trick...why didn't I think of that before??) :)
my boning started to "fray" (hard to explain) after washing/drying - so I pulled it out and put a little piece of fabric over each end and sewed over it - the fabric-ish stuff holding the little plastic sticks in a flat line is what frayed, leaving the little pokey plastic 'sticks' to poke me in the shoulder while I it doesn't.

red said...

One day I will open a shop and sell all the cute stuff you make. i have a challenge for you. Here in Utah everyone is making fabric flowers to go on clip barrettes. They aren't flat they're like folded petal flowers. they look SUPER easy. Ready.....GO!! you're freaking awesome btw.