Sunday, April 11, 2010

a phone call

Today after church, right before I passed out for my ritual Sunday nap I received a phone call that went like this.

"Hi Aunt Michelle"
"Hi Lincoln" (age 5)
"I need you to help me with my webkinz again."
"Do you need me to get you some money again?" (you earn coins by playing games so you can buy your digital pet clothes, snacks, and other weird stuff. Lincoln likes me to play because I can get him lots of coins)
"No. . . well you can do that too, but I need you to feed Arrin (his pet's name) breakfast, then lunch and take him to school but they don't call it school, then give him dinner. Oh, and he's still in his pajama's so you need to take his pajama's off then get him dressed. Then you can buy him new clothes or hats, and some clothes or anything else in the store........"
"Lincoln, did you get grounded from the computer"
"yah, but I can use it tomorrow....make sure you feed him...... and he then repeats it all over again."

Lincoln discovered recently how to call me using his mom's speed dials, his parents usually don't even have a clue he has called. I usually get about one call a week from him to hear about important events in his life. Like when he got a new transformer book last week.

PS. I couldn't figure out how to feed the dang thing.


Suz said...

LOL! That is really funny and really cute. :)

Taylor said...

ahahaha!!! That is amazingly adorable and hilarious!

Anna said...

That's so weird. I didn't know he called you. I caught him under his bed today with my phone and asked who he had called and he said no one. Then later he said he called you, but you couldn't talk long because it was your nap time. :) punk kid is always stealing my phone. :)

grandma blair said...

What a cute little nephew you have.

Cindy said...

How funny! So cute, well I know my girls play on webkinz too, so maybe next time they can babysit for Lincoln when he gets grounded. :)

Blake and Erica said... funny!!!

Graydon Blair said...

That was awesome!!!

red said...

Oh geez it probably died!! ;) We love Lincoln. And it's because your phone is so awesome. And so is aunt Michelle. :)