Saturday, April 3, 2010

We've been sneezing like crazy!!

and this is why.

We have been in record heat lately which caused ALL the pollen to release ALL of it. The cars are covered with a thin coating of yellow dust. I've never really struggled with allergies until this week. On Thursday when we were outside for Delilah's birthday party Collin and I came home and almost died from symptoms. Collin's head was going to explode along with my lungs, we don't struggle with allergies very often, so yes we were dying!! The weather has been so amazing (upper 80's) and we have truly been wanting to get out but this yellow dust is keeping us in doors. We need a rain, not snow like other people, but a good rain would be appreciated.
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Taylor said...

Wow I'm glad it's not just me! We went out this morning and I've been paying for it ever since! I seriously sneezed over 10 times in a row! ugh! I'm gonna die!!

Mary Lou said...

yuck, we just have a thin layer of white snow on everything.

red said...

Have you tried medicines? Zyrtec D is amazing. AMAZING. Good luck that's NUTS. how is Delilah? Most people in the East don't get allergies until they have lived there for a couple years then their bodies just develop it. Have fun!