Saturday, May 15, 2010

another phone call from Lincoln (5 years old)

Saturday Morning (10 am SC/ 8 am UT)

M: hello
L: Hi Aunt Michelle did I wake you?
M: no, what's up?
L: Oh well I have a very important reason you shouldn't go to the beach.
M: Oh okay, why shouldn't I go to the beach?
L: Spitting Cobra's.
M: Spitting Cobra's, do they live on the beach?
L: They live on the beach, and they spit poison into your eyes. They live on the beach. You can swim in the water but you shouldn't go on the beach because there are crabs and spitting cobra's, and crabs pinch. I guess you can walk on the beach but don't step on any holes because they have webs in them where the spitting cobra's are. (he lost me here for a minute while he talked about webs, and dinosaurs).
M: okay I'll be careful not to step on any holes next time I'm at the beach.

It's cute he was concerned for my safety.

Lincoln and me oober pregnant. He has me in a brain machine.


grandma blair said...

how cute is that, I wonder how he will handle the beach if and when his family ever goes.

grandma blair said...

I love your new format

Anna said...

I apologize. I have told him that he can't call you too early or he'll wake you up. I can't tell you how many times I stopped him from calling you this week. Good think you are so nice, remember to watch out at the beach. :)