Monday, May 17, 2010

Events from a crappy day

Today went as follows:
3:20 am wake up, deflate mattress, pack up toiletries and mattress
3:45 am wake up Delilah, deflate her mattress, pack it
4:00 am say good bye to our apartment, lock the door drive to the Linders.
4:20 ish am Get to Matt Linder`'s house switch cars and Matt drives us to Augusta Georgia for our first flight. (Thank you Matt, not too many people would be willing to wake up that early to help.
7:00 am leave Augusta to Atlanta. D cries then falls asleep.
9:05 am leave Atlanta for Detroit.
11:00 am land in Detroit (Delilah breaks Collin's glasses)
12 is pm pick up our car from our new RS president
12:35 pm reach our apartment
1 pm cancel lease to ghetto apartment, and check into a hotel
1-5 pm homelessly driving around looking for a decent apartment to live in with a tired, grumpy, two year old in the back seat.
5 pm found an apartment for us.
5-6 pm sort out paperwork that comes with new apartment
6 pm subway for dinner
7 pm back to hotel to emotionally recover from the day.
8 pm attempt to put Delilah to sleep
9pm Collin steps on my glasses popping both lenses out of my semi-rimless glasses. (I put them on the table, we can only assume a 2 year old somehow got them to the floor)
10:30 pm Turn off all lights and all three of us fall asleep in this order Collin, Delilah, Michelle.

It was a crazy terrible no fun day. So far today is going better. Here are a few pictures from the day.
PS It's 51 degrees here. Holy Crap we are freezing, and it's only 51!!!

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Lauren and Carter said...

That sucks about your glasses. Actually, it sucks about the whole day kinda. The new apartment looks great though!! This will be the funniest story to tell at family parties several years from now.

Eve said...

Both pairs?? Nice follow through on D's end.

I can't believe the apartment thing. What a nightmare. I'm glad you found another place so easily - it looks really nice! Now if it would just warm up so you can go play in that awesome pool!

grandma blair said...

so glad you were able to find something else. it looks really nice. Maybe it will be hot enough to use it when we come in July.

Andrea said...

You should know that I read your blog- I don't think I've commented before but this post made me laugh. I'm sorry for your ordeal but it looks like you found a great place to live! Good luck with the move!

Cindy said...

Sorry about your crazy day! But you found a nice place so quickly, that's amazing! You are being watched over! :)

Collin Shaw said...

Walking into our original apartment I just had the worst feeling ever about it. They weren't really that bad even, I just felt terrible. Driving up to the place where we settled on I felt immediately good about it. Weird huh?

Anna said...

wow, so glad you found a spot, looks great. :) bet you are lovin the hotel too. :) Good luck!

Mary Lou said...

Wow - what a crazy day. I'm glad everything worked out. I'm glad you listen to your feelings. I sent out a text to our family to say a prayer for you guys when you told me about the apartment and you sounded so stressed. I'm glad things are looking up!

State of Grace said...

WOW...i knew it would be hard for you guys traveling with a 2 yr old, but I did not expect all this! I'm sorry that things started out so badly, but what blessings came of it! I'm with everyone else though...awesome pool, but when are you going to be able to use it?? haha
We miss you already!

red said...

One day this will be very very a long time :) I bet there are some awesome home decorating stores around there. Good luck finding a new optomitrist. Violet busted my glasses in half about three months ago..someday I will have eye surgery :)

red said...

p.s. I'm glad you guys didn't stay in the place you weren't comfortable with.