Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So I'm working on my menu and shopping list for the week and trying to figure out what to feed Delilah for lunch. I feel like she eats the same thing every day. Here are the current options
  • PB & J sandwich
  • turkey sandwich
  • grilled cheese sandwich
We have stopped keeping chicken nuggets in the house because if she had her way she would eat them for lunch and dinner everyday, and they are so easy we would feed them to her. We occasionally throw a mac n' cheese in there but I feel guilty with that but once a week probably wouldn't hurt.

So this is what I'm asking, please tell me what you feed your children for lunch. I am looking for easy, non-processed (if that exists) lunch ideas.
Variety is the spice of life, and we all know how much I love spices :)

Thank You


Suz said...

I'm always needing more lunch ideas, so I'll be checking back to see what everyone else says. As for my suggestions- does she like tuna fish? You can do a sandwich or cayden loves to dip crackers into the tuna fish. Also I would make a quesadilla but add some ham to it- another favorite.
-Pasta with sauce
hmmm- don't know what else I serve (probably chicken nuggets a lot too!) but if I think of nay more I will come back and post. :)

Anna said...

We're on the ham cheese, grilled cheese, spaghetti rotation at our house. with a weekly mac and cheese. but lots of apples and string cheese and cottage cheese. Wow, that is a lot of cheese, maybe that explains my children's constipation problems. my kids won't touch tuna fish, i'd love them to eat that. lucky!

Cindy said...

Pasta, yogurt and fruit...Mayzie will only eat her vegetables if they are in soup, and she loves vegetable beef soup, .. we also make a quick pseudo pizza that the kids love, where you do a tortilla then pasta sauce and sprinkle with cheese and melt it, cut into triangles. Scrambled eggs with cheese, you can make into a sandwich, bologna, face peanut butter sandwich-then make a face on it with bananas or raisins, and they also love ramen :)

Eve said...

Wren is a chicken nugget girl for lunch at least half of the week. Other days we do peanut butter, quesadillas, and lately burritos. You know those chicken/rice/beans ones you can get in the frozen food? It feels like a much better meal than chicken nuggets.

I love the tuna idea, especially with crackers, Wren would love that. I like to mix tuna with cottage cheese instead of mayo, and throw in some cold corn and a little pepper. Sounds gross, but it is one of my favorite inventions.

We've also done scrambled eggs, that's always a hit. And potstickers. Also pasta shells mixed in marinara. I usually do fruit on the side because I don't have to cook it.

I think that is everything we've tried. I am going to pick up tuna mixings next time I'm at the store - such a great idea.

Anna said...

I just remembered I do those mini bagels too. they are only 100 calories and ruby loves that she gets a whole one. they come in whole wheat, I just have to be careful that they aren't stale. I've bought two stale bags now. ruby likes them with peanut butter, lincoln only will eat them with cream cheese. :)
toasted, always toasted. :)

red said...

We do taco's for lunch because it only takes like ten minutes to make them. We throw in noodles every once in a while. For Violet I do a baked potato that I eat most of and some broccoli. She doesn't usually get meat/protein with every meal so i just do like a few pieces of broccoli, a few chunks of potato, a few pieces of pear or peach and sometimes some yogurt. We rock the fruit smoothie for lunch a lot. SO SO easy and I pack it with as much good stuff as possible. that way at least i know she's getting some nutrients. We do spaghetti/fettuccine a lot. It's just so easy for me to boil water. Even if there's a little helper poking her head through my legs most of the time :)and, of course quesadillas. I LOVE chips and salsa. She might be too young to have that much spice but Salsa has lots of fun stuff in it. Lunch is my least favorite to make but my kids usually do the best at it. Good luck :)

Beth said...

(I feel the same about lunch ideas!) Carolyn likes 'ham and cheese pinwheels' - sliced ham and shredded cheese melted on a tortilla in the microwave, then rolled up and sliced into pinwheels.

thomas said...

mini pizzas...using bagels :) karlee likes those. Macy likes to dip things so we use ranch dip with different vegs A LOT!!!


Eve said...

You basically already got this suggestion but I thought of you when we made this last week. I had made homemade pizza and made extra sauce. We put it on english muffins and sprinkled some cheese on top - put it in the broiler for 3-5 minutes. You could even use the wheat english muffins (not that I did).